Wedding Day at The Omni Amelia Island | Pam Bell Photography

What a spectacular day for a wedding! These images are just a little tease of many from this incredible wedding day.  Enjoy! Pam

Location: Amelia Island Chapel

Flowers by:

Second Photographer:



Weddings at the Ritz Carlton | Pam Bell Photography

Many photo sessions and two years later, I have returned to say hello, once again, on this blog. Thankfully, I remain busy in my photography work, but realize more than ever that blogging is definitely not my strong point, but capturing moments is. So…I am just going to leave that right there and share some VERY random images from the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island, of some past weddings. I don’t believe I ever shared any of these on this site, so enjoy! Again–just random images, with many of these candid, and not the more formal type portraits. I will be sharing some images from some more recent weddings and from some of my family work, both of which I love, soon. So, please come back. And, please reach out if you’d like to talk about having your moments captured right here on beautiful Amelia Island. I love other portrait photography work, too – maternity, couples, hs seniors, children… and even tweens! 0001 HD3_0004r0016 HD3_0026r0022 BD3_0038rm0031 CR1_0034rm0049 CR1_0051rm0058 CR1_0079rm0067 CR4_0020rm0068 TRA_0125rm-60070 CR1_0101-Editrm-20070 HD1_0145r-20078 HD1_0158r-20086 HD1_0169r0120 BD1_0174rm0164 HD1_0285r0230 HD4_0163r0237 BD1_0415rm0254 BD1_0446rm0272 HD4_0217r0377 CR2_0253rm0404 CR1_0472rm0465 BD2_0179rm0477 HD1_0592r0486 HD1_0603r0490 HD1_0608r0501 HD1_0612r0558 BD1_0990rm0563 HD1_0660r0600 HD2_0319r0610 HD1_0669-Editrm-20621 HD2_0346-Editrm-20642 HD1_0679-Editrm0652 HD2_0384r0654 BD1_1152rm0669 HD3_0359r0687 HD1_0717r0693 HD3_0381r0834 BD1_1445rm0864 HD2_0449r0895 HD2_0472r0937 HD2_0497r1181 HD1_1288r1224 HD3_0956r

All Around Amelia | Amelia Island Weddings

Hello! I have returned, at least for a moment, to this blog. I’d like to say I am here to stay, but life always seems to say otherwise. I have written in a journal about 3 times in my life. It was when my kids were little and each time I started anew. Each time, I made it through one day. Then, several years passed. So, I have always had a special admiration for those who write, who write often, and who write well and quickly. None of those are in my list of strengths, so now you know where I am coming from.

Photos, though…now, that is totally different.  I love telling stories with my images. So, I am going to share a few from a couple of weddings from last year. I’ll get to this year in about 3 months. Just kidding (I hope). These two weddings have such wonderful stories. However, without words, I hope you can see the joy and the story in the images, themselves.

I titled this blog, All Around Amelia, since these two weddings were photographed on Amelia Island. I love it here, and it seems many others do too, since we have become such a popular destination for weddings and families alike. My 2nd shooter in both weddings was Jensen of He just happens to be my son and always adds a special dimension to the wedding day.

Enjoy the pics!


Pam of

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Prep for this awesome wedding was at a gorgeous private home in downtown Fernandina Beach.

Jensen Bell Photography Deal wedding

2016-04-26_0002 2016-04-26_0003 2016-04-26_0004 2016-04-26_0005 2016-04-26_0006 2016-04-26_0007 2016-04-26_0008

Ceremony was at the United Memorial Methodist Church, Fernandina Beach.

Jensen Bell Photography Deal wedding


After a trolley ride, almost the length of the island, the reception was held at Walker’s Landing at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation.

2016-04-26_0011 2016-04-26_0012 2016-04-26_0013 2016-04-26_0014 2016-04-26_0015 2016-04-26_0016

Prep, Ceremony and Reception for this gorgeous wedding was at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island

2016-04-26_0017 2016-04-26_0018 2016-04-26_0019 2016-04-26_0020 2016-04-26_0021 2016-04-26_0022 2016-04-26_0023 2016-04-26_0024 2016-04-26_0025 2016-04-26_0026 2016-04-26_0027 2016-04-26_0028 2016-04-26_0029 2016-04-26_0030 2016-04-26_0031 2016-04-26_0032 2016-04-26_0033 2016-04-26_0034 2016-04-26_0035 2016-04-26_0036 2016-04-26_0037 2016-04-26_0038 2016-04-26_0039 2016-04-26_0041 2016-04-26_0040 2016-04-26_0042


Hope you’ll come back for more. I’ll be doing my best to catch up.

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Wedding Day Dip | Ritz Carlton Amelia Island

Hello All,
Just wanted to share one image from a wedding on October 3. I will follow-up with this and other weddings in the future. I have been busy, busy this last few months, which is great for business, but not so great for my social media time and sharing what I love to do through this blog.

Ashley and Jay were such a joy to photograph. I had the opportunity of photographing their e-session about 2 months ago, so I knew their wedding would be incredible. And, it did not disappoint. What an elegant and fun time was had by all.

Please come back soon, to see images from this and other weddings. I have photographed 4 in the last 13 days, as well as a family session. Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach is a destination spot and becoming more and more popular. Our pristine beaches continue to call people from all over the world, whether for vacation or an elopement or a full-blown wedding.


Amelia Island Wedding Weekend| Ritz Carlton Weddings

Hi All,

I am changing up my blog a tad, today. I am featuring a very special wedding that took place at the Ritz Carlton in June of 2015. I always love photographing at the Ritz. It is one of my favorite venues of all time as everything is always ‘done up right’.  

I loved  meeting and getting to know Mike and Jennifer and learning how they met. Both, Mike, an architect, and Jennifer, a school teacher, are from the Atlanta area. They chose Amelia Island and the Ritz Carlton for their special weekend. And, they chose perfectly. We had an amazing first meeting and it didn’t take long to see why these two are so perfect for each other.  I was thrilled and honored to be chosen to document their day.

This blog begins with the time just after the rehearsal dinner. So, it actually begins with dessert (s’mores), where everything should really begin, right?  -And, it ends with an amazing sushi bar closing out the wedding reception. Don’t miss that part. It was awesome and delicious. The groom insisted we have some, so we obliged. Okay-so twist my arm. Yum!!!

I believe the story will tell itself as you peruse the images, but you might not realize details such as the custom made rings and the fact that Jennifer surprised Mike by having a friend fly in to sing at the ceremony, and that Mike sang for Jennifer while she sat in the chair waiting for the garter to be removed. And, please don’t miss that very unique groom’s cake. Wow! So many details and so many to thank for such an incredible weekend.

Kudos and recognition to the following amazing folks:

Venue – Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island

Wedding Coordinator – Christina Saldana – Ritz Carlton, Manager Meetings and Special Events

Cake/Caterer – Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island

Jennifer’s Wedding Gown –Pnina Tornai

Jennifer’s Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Florist – Amazing Wedding Productions

Reception DJ – Jason Brimhall

Officiant – Cathy Henderson

2nd Shooter and Incredible Assistant –

Enjoy the weekend!

~Blessings….Pam                  904 277 9681

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0004 0090 MJ1_0139rmrm

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0007 0094 MJ1_0143rmrm


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0012 0101 MJ1_0154rmrm

0013 0102 MJ1_0155rmrm

0014 0103 MJ1_0156rmrm

0015 0105 MJ2_0064rmrm

0016 0115 MJ1_0170rmrm

0017 0117 MJ1_0177rmrm

0018 0118 MJ1_0178rmrm

0020 0129 MJ1_0205rmrm

0021 0135 MJ1_0214rmrm

0022 0139 MJ1_0219rmrm

0023 0151 MJ1_0244rmrm

0024 0158 MJ1_0250rmrm

0025 0159 MJ1_0253rmrm

0026 0180 MJ2_0124rmrm

0027 0182 MJ2_0128rmrm


0028 0184 MJ2_0130rmrm

0029 0185 MJ2_0132rmrm

0030 0186 MJ2_0133rmrm

0031 0191 MJ2_0140rmrm

0032 0193 MJ1_0278rmrm

0033 0194 MJ2_0145rmrm

0034 0196 MJ2_0152rmrm

0035 0199 MJ1_0288rmrm

0036 0203 MJ1_0298rmrm

0037 0210 MJ1_0318rmrm

0038 0214 MJ1_0324rmrm

0040 0218 MJ1_0335rmrm

0041 0001 0001 MJ1_0340rmrm

0042 0003 MJ1_0346rmrm

0043 0002 0004 MJ1_0348rmrm

0044 0069 0239 MJ1_0527rmrm

0045 0071 0242 MJ1_0364rmrm

0046 0072 0244 MJ1_0488rmrm

0047 0003 0246 MJ1_0391rmrm

0048 0010 0026 MJ1_0402rmrm

0049 0024 MJ1_0411rmrm

0050 0011 0028 MJ1_0419rmrm

0051 0012 0034 MJ1_0437rmrm

0052 0014 0038 MJ1_0449rmrm

0053 0019 0045 MJ1_0472rmrm

0054 0020 0061 MJ3_0072rmrm

0055 0027 0078 MJ1_0535rmrm

0056 0028 0080 MJ1_0538rmrm

0057 0030 0085 MJ1_0548rmrm

0058 0034 0095 MJ1_0575rmrm

0059 0035 0103 MJ1_0590rmrm

0060 0036 0104 MJ3_0103rmrm

0061 0037 0108 MJ1_0605rmrm

0062 0041 0129 MJ2_0230rmrm

0063 0042 0131 MJ2_0237rmrm

0064 0043 0132 MJ2_0239rmrm

0065 0044 0133 MJ2_0243rmrm

0066 0045 0134 MJ2_0246rmrm

0067 0046 0142 MJ1_0636rmrm

0068 0047 0146 MJ1_0646rmrm

0069 0049 0153 MJ1_0671rmrm

0070 0050 0158 MJ1_0676rmrm

0071 0051 0160 MJ1_0685rmrm

0072 0052 0164 MJ2_0278rmrm

0073 0053 0167 MJ2_0287rmrm

0074 0055 0171 MJ2_0297rmrm

0075 0208 MJ1_0741rmArm

0076 0064 0213 MJ1_0756rmrm

0077 0068 0236 MJ1_0831rmrm

0078 0073 0254 MJ1_0863rmrm

0079 0074 0257 MJ3_0216rmrm

0080 0076 0266 MJ1_0884rmrm

0081 0079 0275 MJ1_0902rmrm


0082 0080 0277 MJ1_0908rmrm

0083 0085 0292 MJ1_0955rmrm

0084 0086 0293 MJ1_0956rmrm

0085 0084 0311 MJ1_0991rmrm

0086 0088 0297 MJ1_0964rmrm

0087 0089 0300 MJ3_0264rmrm

0088 0098 0341 MJ4_0091rmrm

0089 0101 0345 MJ1_1069rmrm

0090 0104 0354 MJ2_0379rmrm

0091 0105 0378 MJ2_0420rmrm

0092 0106 0380 MJ1_1091rmrm

0093 0107 0386 MJ2_0434rmrm

0094 0108 0389 MJ3_0359rmrm

0095 0109 0395 MJ2_0455rmrm

0096 0398 MJ2_0459rmrm

0097 0097 0400 MJ2_0466rmrm

0098 0111 0413 MJ2_0484rmrm

0099 0112 0415 MJ2_0486rmrm

0100 0113 0421 MJ3_0377rmrm

0101 0116 0436 MJ1_1114rmrm

0102 0117 0438 MJ2_0510rmrm

0103 0118 0455 MJ2_0546rmrm

0104 0460 MJ2_0559rmrm

0105 0122 0474 MJ1_1140rmrm

0106 0133 0541 MJ1_1296rmrm

0107 0140 0570 MJ1_1375rmrm

0108 0141 0573 MJ1_1381rmrm

0109 0142 0578 MJ1_1394rmrm

0110 0083 0145 0596 MJ1_1415rmrmrm

0111 0148 0611 MJ1_1463rm-2rm

0112 0149 0691 MJ1_1627rmrm

0132 0164 0686 MJ1_1618rmrm

0113 0150 0616 MJ3_0503rmrm
0115 0627 MJ1_1494rmrm
0116 0151 0618 MJ1_1477rmrm
0117 0161 0628 MJ1_1496rmrm
0118 0084 0156 0623 MJ1_1484rmrmrm
0120 0655 MJ1_1551rmrm
0121 0814 MJ1_1852rmrm
0831 MJ1_1903rm-Editrm

0123 0846 MJ1_1948rmrm
0124 0972 MJ3_0878rmrm
0125 0978 MJ1_2252rmrm

0126 0979 MJ1_2253rmrm
0127 0989 MJ1_2272rmrm
0128 0993 MJ1_2281rmrm

0129 0998 MJ1_2289rmrm
0130 1036 MJ1_2367rmrm
0131 0678 MJ1_1601rmrm

0133 0176 0792 MJ2_0662rmrm

0134 0197 0909 MJ1_2086rmrm

0135 0220 1011 MJ1_2319rmrm

0136 1013 MJ1_2321rmrm

0137 1014 MJ1_2322rmrm

0138 0221 1015 MJ1_2324rmrm

0139 0222 1023 MJ1_2333rmrm

0140 1024 MJ1_2336rmrm

0141 1031 MJ1_2348rmrm

1066 MJ1_2457rmrm

1081 MJ1_2487rmrm


Amelia Island Beach Fun | Amelia Island Photographers

Photography: Capturing life through my lens from my perspective while integrating my own life’s experiences. There. It took me a while to figure out why my photography can never look like anyone else’s and why I shoot the way I do. That is my photography lesson for this day. I continually strive to stay up on today’s photography and offerings, but I have no desire for my photography to look like anyone else’s. I love uniqueness and always have. Striving to capture a unique image for my clients tops the list of motives for what I do. ‘Capturing special moments for a lifetime of memories’ has been my motto since the inception of my business in 2000. I continue to remember these words every time I turn my camera on my subjects. Having said that, I continue.

I cannot believe it has been 3 months since my last post. Where has the time gone? I think I have the answer to that question.

This photographer as well as her associates have been busy, busy documenting weddings, families, high school seniors and children. It has been a quarter of a year of almost constant shooting and we are always honored to be called on by so many.

I have never been one of those photographers who could limit myself to a certain genre of photography. I have been told I should, but what would I leave out? In every instance, and in whatever/whoever I am shooting, I find myself in my ‘element’. I think to myself, ‘now this is what I want to do’. That is, until the next shoot of a totally different type. Then, again, I think to myself, ‘now this is what I want to do’, etc. I think you understand where I am going. So…I thought it best to just share some of the images I have captured over the last few months. I have many more to share and will do so when I get back to this blog.

I hope you enjoy this mix of images–and I’d be remiss not to include a couple of my Nashville, TN wedding images, so they are here, too.BH1_0935rm AR2_0268rm AR1_0106rm ust a few I grabbed in a hurry off my desktop.

HE2_0029rm RS1_0456rm RS1_0373rm DA2_0305rm DA1_1371 DA1_0603rm MJ1_1403-Edit-2rm MJ1_1069rm 0150 AP1_0363r AP1_0412rm-3 AP1_0227r EL2_0336rm EL2_0145rm EL1_0129rm EL1_0037rm CM2_0154rm CM2_0401-Editrm CM2_0322rm-2 CM2_0289 CM2_0038rm CM1_0390-Editrm-2 CM1_0275rm CM1_0212rm 0169 CM2_0232rm EJ2_0410rm-2 RJ1_0353rm RJ1_0137rm RJ1_0107rm 0036 CM2_0087rmrm 0019 CM2_0055rmrm AG1_0327rm KF2_0079rm KF2_0003rm-3 KF1_0215rm KF1_0138rm ME2_0147rm JD2_0292rm RC2_0018rm RC1_0034r-Editrm MM1_0303rm MM1_0234rm MM1_0207rm


JS1_0091-Editrm JS1_0152rm JS1_0322rm


And, if you follow us along on our facebook page, you will notice we also love shooting scenics around our gorgeous island and area. You can check out a few of those at:

Here’s one to enjoy.



Thanks for dropping by. Hope you will come back to visit.


Pam  -while there, please check out the ‘Moving Moments’ tab on my site.

Another Day on Amelia Island | Trolley Ride and Red Balloons

Thanks for dropping by!

I thought I’d do something a little different today. I am going to share a few images and how they came about.

The first is this awesome couple right after they spoke their vows and were on the way to their reception.BH1_0739rm

When the bride and I planned out her day, she wanted to make sure one of us (either me or my assistant, Jensen) was on the trolley with them. No problem, I thought–I will gladly take that role, and send Jensen on ahead to take the early reception images. So…we boarded the trolley—IN THE RAIN. Oh–their are cute images preceding this one–umbrella, kiss and all, but this is the one I want to focus on (forgive the pun). I was sitting up front on the ice chest (sure that isn’t supposed to happen), but I needed one shot of the trolley full of bridal party. Anyway…I was just observing, just looking for opportunities, and fell upon this when viewing through my lens. The newlyweds were so into themselves, they never even knew. It was shot less than a week ago, and has quickly become one of my all-time favorites (and that is saying a lot, since I have photographed weddings for 15 years). For those who are camera techy–my Nikon D4 settings,  on this gray day, inside the trolley, with natural light, were as follows: ISO 1250, f3.5, 1/200, at 24mm with 24-70 2.8 lens.

The next image to share is this one on the beach, just a couple of nights ago, when I had a family of three in front of my lens.JD2_0207rm-2

I had had just a short opportunity to speak with the Mom of this little one before this beach session that was booked only 2 days out. This family was visiting our beautiful island, and were only here for a short period of time. With all my beach sessions, I always like to take a little something along, for the youngsters, especially, to give them something to look at besides me. I don’t like for all the images to be of the subject looking at me. That is true for little ones as well as bigger ones. 🙂 Anyway…I asked the Mom what they would be wearing and she told me. Then she texted me, a few minutes later, the day of the shoot, and told me she had a little red with floral top outfit she could bring along, and I said, please do. As I was gathering my starfish, shells, little white chair and white balloon, I looked around at my eclectic collection of props and spotted the little wagon. Then, I went into my balloons and found a cool red and white polka-dot one. So…I added these to my little arsenal for this particular beach session and went to the beach. The little red bucket was already in the ‘arsenal’. (sometimes little ones need something to sit down with at the beach, even if for just a nano-second). We had come close to the end of the session, and, after changing her first outfit (little white dress)  into this one, what you are seeing here, came to my head. This is exactly what I had in mind at that moment and not a moment before. I did not know how it would pan out. I didn’t know if she would be sitting by the wagon, holding the wagon, or pulling the wagon. I didn’t know if it would be in the foreground, background, or right beside her.  That is how my mind works. Any of those scenarios would have worked, but this is the one that actually came about based on her awesome energy and her ability (at 2!) to hold the balloon in her left had, pull the wagon with her right and take off running across the beach. I just happened to catch her looking back at the wagon. Totally non-posed, and pretty much totally unplanned. That is how most of my photography is. I do have things in mind, but I go with whatever the mood is at the time to capture memories. Again, for those who are techy, using my Nikon D4, the settings, in natural dusk light, were as follows: ISO 1000, f3.5, 1/500 at 160mm with 70-200 2.8 lens. And, a special thanks to Jensen, who had just finished showing this little gal what to do.

The last image to share this day is from a recent family session. The star of this image is Dorie, the yellow lab.

SN1_0097rmShe is a beauty, and I am pretty sure she knows it. She stood right there, in front of me, with her family behind, as if to say–‘see them, they are my pack’. This image is pretty self-explanatory. I was referred by another of my clients to this family and loved being with them. It is not all the time I get a family of six, with 4 grown up children. The Mom had asked if the dog could be in some of the images, and I said of course (we are dog lovers around here–ours are beagles and Beagle/Bassett mixes). So, Dorie was in her fair share of images. I always look for and take an opportunity–and did not want to miss this one. When she sat down right in front of me, and I saw the family was in the background, I repositioned myself for best composition,  and quickly yelled (yes, with ocean waves, I had to use my outside voice) for them to hurry and stand close to each other and look at Dorie. It worked and I have a series of these, with this being the middle shot. Techies, here you go: Nikon D4s, ISO 640, f3.2, 1/1600 at 70mm with 24-70 2.8 lens. These settings because I know how to shoot beach shots to get the family in the background on a semi shady/sunny early evening on Amelia. 🙂 And, again, a special thanks to Jensen who was watching this one between shots and also making his famous ‘doggie attention getting noises’.

So, there you go. Three images, all taken within the last 2 weeks. All totally different scenarios, but all very spontaneous, because that is how I shoot. Yes, I shoot traditional shots with faces forward, looking at me, because there is definitely a place for those. But, I also shoot these, because they have a very special place in my heart. And…they seem to win over my clients, too.

And, now, I will just share a couple more with no explanation about how they took place. But, they were spontaneous, too. Capturing special moments for a lifetime of memories is something to achieve. It is something to chase after, to work toward, and that is what I strive to do with everyone who graces the front of my lens.

Have a great day!



PS…In honor of Mother’s Day that is just around the corner…a few extra special moments…





Baby, Child, Family and Wedding, Too! | Pam Bell Photography

Hi Everyone!

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know how much I love all portraiture, all ages. I had the privilege of photographing an adorable 4 month old just recently and put together this little slide show from a selection of the images.

She wasn’t so sure about my big old camera, and I love the looks she gave when she looked straight at me. I do not think  you can capture too many facial expressions of a baby (of an adult, yes, (LOL) but not a baby), and this one gave me oh, so many!

Please enjoy this short 2 minute show. And, thanks, for stopping by!



Athena is 4 months old!.

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