It’s Tuesday, and I have a cold…

Okay–this head cold can leave now. I am tired of being stuffy. I guess I picked up this one in Las Vegas last week while attending the WPPI–Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention. I spoke to two of my suppliers today and they shared that several people they knew, who had attended WPPI, were also […]

Well…this was interesting….Amelia Island Photographer and Fernandina Beach Photographer – my new blog

I thought creating this blog would be easier than it was–or should I say, much less time-consuming? I had the general idea, but to find a ‘theme’ I liked took me a very long time. So, here it is up and running about 5 hours after I began. I am going to attach a few […]

A Beautiful Bride in a Beautiful Venue * Amelia Island Wedding Photographers

The Oyster Bay Yacht Club, Amelia Island, FL, lends itself to the most beautiful captures. This image was taken during the 2010 wedding of this lovely bride, Hannah. Hannah had such a gorgeous wedding day and I loved working with her and her groom, Matthew, as well as their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Today, I am happy […]