It’s Tuesday, and I have a cold…

Okay–this head cold can leave now. I am tired of being stuffy. I guess I picked up this one in Las Vegas last week while attending the WPPI–Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention. I spoke to two of my suppliers today and they shared that several people they knew, who had attended WPPI, were also down with colds &/or flu. I think I’d rather just stick with this cold, if I can choose, so I shall not complain. As far as my photo work, I am editing a wedding and a family session now. The wedding was the week before WPPI. Adam and Anna (Snyder) Cordonnier were married on our beautiful beach on Saturday, Feb. 11. Three images from their wedding should appear with this post. The family session I am working on is that of the Hensley family. They are one of the Warrior Vacation families ( who were visiting the island. (As a side note-I offer a complimentary session to these Warrior Vacation families, when they are on the island, if I am able to match up an available session time while they are here. They would be up by now, but this old cold changed up my schedule a bit. Again, I shouldn’t complain–it could be worse, I know. By the way–I have no idea why my font is underlined. I have tried every trick I know and I can’t get rid of it. Sorry about that. That is all for now. Have a great day! Blessings.. Pam

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