Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Did you wear green?

What a great day! I was able to accomplish some tasks around my home–and went with my husband, Hamp, to pickup some materials for yard work at Home Depot. While there, I realized I was not wearing anything green. I think this may have been the first time I have begun St. Patrick’s Day with no green; so, as soon as we returned home, I not only added green to my attire, but the green shirt with the clover on front – very tasteful, of course. You see, I had an engagement session, later this afternoon, in downtown Fernandina, and I knew I couldn’t go down there without green. Boy, was I right! There were so many people in our little quaint downtown, today, and I believe every one was wearing green, even if it was a green headband with four-leaf clovers sticking up on top—yes, I did see one of those 🙂

So, I met my very cute couple–a pair who are in the US Navy. I LOVED being with Marquette and Luke. We had a great time during their session, and ended it at the beach. More on their story and a few of their pics to come soon.

Meanwhile, I have a few photos to share from that wedding back on March 3. Jonathan and Brittney Tanner’s –I have been wanting to share these images from their beautiful wedding, so here they are!

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