Sunday–a time to rest. What a great day on Amelia Island!

I began this day by attending Life Group and Church. It was such a great day in the Lord’s house and I am so glad I serve a risen Lord! As the words to one of the worship songs says–‘to You alone belong the highest praise’…. To God be the glory!

I had a man approach me after church and ask me if I would come play a few handbell solos for his group. I told him I’d love to, so I will be getting my bells out to brush up on a few songs over the next few days. I look forward to playing for his group.

It was such an undeniably gorgeous day that I simply refused to sit inside this afternoon, although I have plenty I need to do inside and could have really used a nap. I thought I’d skip the inside work and nap, and it was definitely worth it!

I wanted to share a photo from yesterday’s engagement session. I also want to share from Friday’s 1st birthday session, but since I am trying to beat the clock, I am posting only one today. Enjoy! Hopefully, I’ll have time to write and share a little more tomorrow. 

One thought on “Sunday–a time to rest. What a great day on Amelia Island!

  1. GORGEOUS! This pictures ROCKS! SO romantic!!!!I love your blog. Very interesting and witty! Keep up the awesome work!

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