Baby Beautiful *Amelia Island Photographers

I love baby and child photography! Especially, when these littlest subjects are being naturally themselves. Where I live allows for outdoor photography just about all year, but it is hard to beat these gorgeous spring days for capturing those young ones outdoors in nature and natural surroundings. This session celebrating this little one’s ImageImageImageImagefirst birthday proves that point. I had the best time with her and her mom and dad in downtown Fernandina Beach, and then in a little field on the island. Our quaint downtown has so many beautiful backdrops for gorgeous, or fun photography. And, I am always looking for some new and out-of-the-way places there to keep my images unique and original.

Amelia Island, itself, is also loaded with photo ops, and, again, I keep my eyes opened for those little out of the way places to shoot. I had seen the wisteria in this field area the day before, but noticed it was not in bloom, and thought how beautiful it would be for a session, if it was. Well… as it turns out, the next day, which was the day of this one’s shoot, it had bloomed, so we planned the session to capture the wisteria as well as that gorgeous light in the background and voila!- we achieved this stunning look. Oh–the cake at the end–yeah, we all had it all over us. I even had to give my camera a good wipe down after this one. But–shoot (no pun intended), this birthday is very special and happens only once–so we do what we have to do. Enjoy!

One thought on “Baby Beautiful *Amelia Island Photographers

  1. Absolutely Stunning pictures!!!!! Priceless…those moments captured for all time! Lucky little one.

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