In memory of Stan…

I have had a very busy week. I had several previously scheduled sessions and a couple that scheduled on the same day as the actual session. That has left me very happy, but now very busy and behind with my editing. I have been working when I can and am working towards getting caught up on things, though I find that the words ‘photographer’ and ‘caught up’ are not compatible. Other photographers out there know what I am referring to, here.  It is sometimes a CRAZY profession, though extremely rewarding. I will have many new images up this week, so please check back with me. But, today, my blog attention turns elsewhere.

I started off the week with high hopes of getting it all done, the editing, the sessions, the new price list, putting the new images on my website, writing and sharing images in this blog, etc. However, as is usually true in life, things didn’t go as planned. You see, my brother-in-law, Stan Bell, had bariatric (not sure how to spell that) surgery on Monday morning. It went super and the outlook was great. However, later on Monday, due to a couple of problems, the Doctor decided that Stan should go to the CCU for a day or so. He did, and there continued to improve. On Wednesday,  it was determined that he could go to the regular floor. However, on Thursday morning, things changed, and Stan later passed away that same day.  So sudden, unexpected and shocking for us.

We will miss him, tremendously, and are very sad about his passing. He so wanted to be healthy again and be able to enjoy life, but it seems God answered his prayer for that in a different way – His way.  We know that Stan is safe in our Father’s hands, now, and worshiping at the feet of Jesus. Though it is very sad to let him go so suddenly, we know where he is and that he has that new body he was hoping for. Still, we miss him and will continue to do so. It just seems so surreal right now, just so surreal.

Things won’t be the same without Stan and his loving personality. He delighted in the simple things of life, more than most do. He would laugh at anything I said that I thought was funny, more than most do. I loved that about Stan. He spent these last few years living in our area and we really enjoyed him being close by. He loved the Lord and played guitar in the praise band at his church. I know they will miss him, too.

His facebook page is filled with condolences. He meant so much to so many. I wonder if he knew that? He was a youth pastor several years back and touched many lives through the ministry he was given. He loved being with those kids and they loved him. He has done what most people can only hope to do. Though he never married or had children, he has left a legacy, and it points directly to the cross and Jesus. No one could hope for more when his/her life is over on this earth.

We will miss Stan, but we will see Stan again, one day. We know this full well, for the Bible, and our hearts, tell us so.

So…in memory of Stan, my brother. I will post one of the entries he posted on his facebook page,  over this last month, on his countdown to the surgery.

The following is Stan’s post, directly from his facebook page, with no changes:

“I am tempted to do a sermon but I won’t. Instead I will just share my thoughts with you. I get a lot of unknown calls on my cell phone. Usually I just ignore the call or if it is a local call I will answer it as it may be a doctor’s office or a friend who is not in my contact list? Anyway, I figure if it is somebody who really wants to get in touch with me they can leave a message and (depending on whom it is) I may get back with them. Then I got to thinking. What if God were to call on me sometime, would I answer the call or would I just ignore it and let him leave a message. Then I realized God is calling me every day. He is calling me to do His work. So what is His work? First it is to love Him with our whole being. Second we are to love others as we love ourselves. Third we are to love ourselves, not in a conceded way but to take care of ourselves, as we are his temple. The fourth thing we are to do is spread the love, joy, and His word he has given us.
So I ask you, suppose you got a phone call from God would you answer it or would you let the call to go to the answering service? God is calling us every day to do His work are we going to answer Him?”

So..God called and Stan answered that final call.

God has given you and me another day with our family and friends–and work to do. Let’s enjoy the life we have been given. Things can and do change very quickly sometimes.

In Memory of Stan Bell 1957 – 2012

5 thoughts on “In memory of Stan…

  1. I read Stan’s countdown to the surgery, and saw his post on Facebook after his surgery. I thought that he must be doing well after seeing him posting on Facebook. Needless to say that I was shocked to get Becky’s message the other night to tell me that he had passed away. Please tell Dot that I am sad to learn about Stan, and please give her a hug from me. I am thinking about all of you and will be praying for the family in the coming weeks. I just wish that I had managed to spend more time with all of you over the years. It’s sad to have second cousins that you hardly know.

    Please ask to be my friend on Facebook. I would like to keep in touch with your family, and perhaps I can do it via Facebook.
    My name on Facebook is Jeannine Fisher Rickard. I could always find out what was going on with Dot in the past through Stan.

  2. Dear Pam,

    Thank you for posting your thoughts as well as Stan’s. Many of us from his seminary days have been sharing our memories and delight that Stan was a member of our company. He was one of the most authentic whole-hearted Christian witnesses I have ever known. His love for Jesus and for all of God’s children was obvious to everyone privileged to know him.

    As you move through these next days without his physical presence, I know that Stan’s family are comforted by the certainty that he is at Home with our loving Father. Please know that prayers of thanksgiving for Stan’s life and for his victory in Christ have been offered from pulpits all over this country ( in Belvidere IL, Tampa Fl, Eastern PA, Pittsburgh, PA and Orlando Fl to name but a few)) by men and women grateful for his brotherhood.

    Jim Yearsley ( PTS 97)
    Village Presbyterian Church
    Tampa Fl.

    • Thank you, Jim. I have shared your comment with family members. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts/heart with us at this time. It thrills us to know so many, besides his family, thought so much of Stan.

  3. Aunt Pam,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute and sharing your memories about your brother-in-law, Stan. It was so very touching and a wonderful reminder of listening for what God is calling us to do. Our time on Earth is so precious and we should treat it as the gift it is. Our deepest condolenses to your family as you heal from the loss of Stan.
    Amy, Billy, Ava and Liam

  4. Very touching and good job Pam. So many of us feel like we have lost a member of our family. I know my kids have really taken this news hard, Mystics comment was “I dont remember a time I didnt know Stan, He has been there all my life, Your
    tribute to Stan is not only touching but shows everyone how wonderful it really is to be a part of the family of God! I will miss all the teasing I got from him and how we could nag each other in fun and laugh for hours. We did crazy things with the youth at Grace and it obviouly paid off as many of the comments r from them bless their hearts, my prayers r with all of you and I really do feel you pain and know he is in a better place. Thanks again and love ya!

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