Happy Easter – Christ the Lord is risen, indeed! | Amelia Island Florida Wedding Photographers, Amelia Island Engagement Photographer

What a beautiful Easter Sunday in northeastern Florida! I had a great day beginning with our church’s sunrise service at Peter’s Point. It was just magnificent. Being a night owl, I see very few sunrises, so if i only get to see one once a year, this was the right day to see it! And the message by our pastor, Jeff Overton, was filled with the Easter message–God’s great forgiveness to all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Savior. Only a loving God could create such a plan. I am so thankful!

The day was spent with family, including taking photos of my two sons surfing, food, an Easter egg hunt with our two granddaughters, and more food. All of my children were home and together, as well as my Mom, Kathryn, and my Mom-in-law, Dot, my son-in-law, Rob, and son, Stevn’s, fiance, Jenni. Oh– and our three dogs and visiting dog, Biscuit- Jenni’s parents’ cute little dachsund, were here, too. A very normal holiday in the Bell household.

You might wonder why, at 9:30, am I still up after all that–especially since I didn’t get to bed until 3:30 and had to get up with the alarm at 5:30–yes that was hard. I am still up because, and only because, I felt the need to update this blog. I have some images from the last 2-3 weeks, I haven’t even had a chance to share and wanted to share a few.

I have been busy with family, engagement, child sessions and a bridal portrait session for one of my August weddings. It has been a very busy time. And…weddings will be beginning, again, very soon, and, though I have been very busy,  I am enjoying this ‘calm before the storm’ that happens before wedding season. When the season kicks in, that is when things go a little crazy in the Bell household. So, until then, I will try to keep this blog going.

I did book a wedding this week for September. That cute couple I posted a few weeks ago, Marquette and Luke, have booked me for their September wedding. I am so happy I had the day open for them and cannot wait to capture their day. I had such a good time with them during their engagement session–and I guess they did, too! :). In honor of their day, I am posting a couple more from their engagement session. I experimented with a couple of presets from Lightroom in a couple of these images.

I have revamped my website a little, so if you have a chance to check it out at http://www.pambellphotography.com, please do so.

Many blessings..

Pam Bell 904 277 9681

Pam Bell 904 277 9681

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