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Well, sometimes I just do things backwards, it seems. Yesterday, I shared some images from the beautiful wedding of Laura and DJ, and today thought it time to share a few of their engagement images I took several weeks back. I haven’t had the time to blog like I was hoping, so I kind of do this hit and miss thing. I have had many sessions in between their engagement photos and their wedding, but sharing their engagement images, today, just seemed right. Laura and DJ have been together for several years. They are the cutest couple and their love for each other is very obvious. I appreciate them letting me take their engagement session, especially since DJ’s Mom and Sister are photographers, too. When I was taking their photos, they were still planning their wedding. This session was part of the plan. I was going to have them choose their favorites from the session for me to put on some little info cards to share at the wedding. (side note: The cards turned out quite nice and every person attending the wedding was given one of Laura’s and DJ’s favorite photos).

Their engagement session was a little different from my norm–or I should say, as far as location, it was different. This was to be a rather short engagement session, due to all of our schedules, so I told them to come to my home, because I had an idea that was prompted by the following:
Whenever I get a chance to walk my dogs to the beach, I do. It is not daily like I wish, but several times a week, usually. When I walk them, I can’t help but notice what gorgeous surroundings are all around me. God’s splendor definitely shines through on a daily basis. The sunlight comes through the moss-draped oaks just right and when it does, the result is just amazing. And, then there is the wrought iron fence I pass as well as the little broken wooden fence, not to mention the beautiful canopy of trees lining the street. So….I started thinking how great of a backdrop, for a photo shoot, my own ‘stomping ground’ would be. (I had previously used an open lot near me for a baby’s one year old session, when the wisteria was in bloom, and loved the result). This, I decided, is where I will take DJ’s and Laura’s engagement session.

We had a great time, while walking up and down the road, chasing the sunlight. I believe I will do this more often. I will call these sessions my strolling sessions :=). Enjoy these images from that time while these two were still single. Now, I am thrilled to say they are happily married–for a little over 72 hours as of this post. <img <img src=”; alt=”” title=”0069 _COL0214rm” width=”300″ height=”199″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-454″ />src=”; alt=”” title=”0027 _LAU0044rm” width=”300″ height=”199″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-445″ />

One thought on “Laura and DJ | Amelia Island Wedding Photographers, Amelia Island Engagement Photographers

  1. Thank you, Pam…They are indeed a rarity these days, and a special couple. You have been a friend, as well as the one who captures moments in time…and for both; I thank you…:)

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