Amelia Island Photographers – Family Beach Photography and Sisters on the Beach

I thought I’d share some images from a recent family session of mine. This family called about a month out to book me for their visit to the island. The session was taken in the grandparents’ backyard – they have the beach in their backyard :). I love every image we took, but these are the handiest to share. These are typical from my beach sessions, though we also get very fun photos, too. This mom loves romantic images and that is certainly where we went with these, just for her. Enjoy! In the image with the dog, Ollie just seems to be asking if this is where he is supposed to stand. LOVE that image. I had the perfect shot of the family, and he just suddenly stepped in. It was quite comical. So….that is where I will end this blog tonight. Hope you got a chuckle from the image I should label “Ollie’s family shot”! Blessings….Pam

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