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I can’t believe it has been over a week since I added to this blog. I suppose I can blame it on Tropical Storm Beryl. The storm did bring quite a few things to a halt around here, including the use of electricity. Thankfully, we didn’t lose our power too long, and had only minor setbacks, otherwise. Quite a few branches and twigs fell from our moss-covered oak trees, as did so much moss that I had to look up to make sure there was some left in the trees. There was.

It was a very busy Memorial Day weekend for me. I had ten scheduled sessions over this long weekend. That happens this time of year. I had to postpone one, due to the storm and cancel one, unfortunately, but the other eight took place and we had a ball! During these sessions, we were able to work in and around the wind and rain from the storm. It was quite interesting and even comical at times. I am so glad those storms don’t come through very often. I am in the process of editing and completing those sessions. I am sharing a few photos from a couple of those sessions today. One family stayed at the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia and the other family stayed in a beach home in Fernandina Beach. Both families were a joy to photograph. As you look at these I am sharing today, please realize that I don’t pose some of the shots that looked posed. I just stay ready with my camera for whatever happens when I am with these families. I just LOVE to capture spontaneous images–like a mom or dad holding up the baby at the beach, or giving the baby a kiss, etc. My clients seems to do most of the ‘posing’ themselves. I do pose some shots, but then I also just let my clients be themselves and interact with each other and their family members. I have decided that I just have the absolutely BEST clients who give me the most beautiful and fun moments to capture!!!
It is back to editing for me. Have a great day!
Blessings… Pam


The image with the little girl’s back to the camera is the result of asking a four year old where she wants to stand for the family photo. I LOVE it! – The other family in the dunes, with the little girl sitting in the chair is also a result of asking the same question. She pulled up the chair and sat down. It was quite cute!

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