It has been soooo long! I’m back to the blog. I hope!


Nothing like a 5 month hiatus from my blogging. I believe I shared, when I began this blog, that I am not a writer. Well, this definitely proves it. It is a good thing I don’t treat my photography the same as this blog, or I’d never take a photo. But….I am a photographer, so I do take photos and lots of them. Thus, the reason I have been taking time away from the blogging.

I have been busy, very busy. Family beach sessions, child sessions, baby sessions – and newborn, senior sessions, engagements and weddings–all consume a major portion of my time. I love them all and can’t wait to share some of my images from the sessions taken over the last few months.  I have had the privilege of taking some of the most gorgeous elaborate weddings and some very personal and quaint weddings. The Ritz Carlton Amelia Island, Oyster Bay Yacht Club, Walker’s Landing,  Omni Amelia Island Plantation, and The Amelia Island Williams House, are just a few of the wedding venues I have had the privilege of shooting a wedding during this time.  Between those weddings, I have had many returning clients visiting Amelia and desiring  their yearly beach portraits, or new clients, having perused my website, requesting some special family portraits on the beach. Whatever the occasion, it brings such joy to capture images of families on the beach. And, it is such a joy to see how much the children of past clients grow from year to year. We have a good time walking around the beach, or downtown Fernandina, or other places on the island–wherever they want to go. If they don’t know a location–I offer suggestions. We have a good time–the dads even do. I make sure no one is left behind or bored during our sessions. I love the interaction photos between parents and their kids–and sibling interaction. Sometimes, I get to see how the kids REALLY treat each other. That is fun, too, since it just takes me back to my four children’s younger days.

Well, enough said, for now. I  think I will begin with some  b&w child photos. These, I love. I enjoy many variances of black and white and many will be seen, here. It is according to the situation as to how I decide the finish product should look. I am looking forward to many more child sessions—coming up, soon. And, believe I will go back to some of my black and white photography roots. Oh, I won’t skip out on color all together, for I will post some gorgeous color images, too. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the images! Oh–and please feel free to visit my website or my facebook page and give it a like. I will be posting some information on a new direction I will be taking soon. Can’t wait to share. Blessings…Pam

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