Georgia on My Mind…| Amelia Island Wedding Photographer in Atlanta, GA

As I write this, i am sitting in my room in the Omni Hotel, CNN, in Atlanta Georgia. i have been here since Friday, along with my husband, attending Imaging USA. This is the yearly convention  given by the PPA. There are about 10,000 photographers, here, from what I understand, and I have seen a handful that I know. Photography, like most professions, requires continuing education to stay up with today’s times. It seems, everyday, there is a new product line, new camera, new lens, new editing software (or at least an updated version),  that needs to be considered as part of one’s photography business. Most of this equipment and software is, by no means, on the ‘cheap’ or ‘inexpensive’ side. This profession does require a substantial commitment, time and money-wise, to stay current. 

It seems the best time, for me, to continue my education is to attend such as this away from home. I am usually pretty consumed with family responsibility and my regular work load when I am home. I am ‘soaking up’ quite a bit  during the class times while finding new vendors and touching base with current vendors during the expo time.

It is pretty chilly here, compared to my home of Amelia Island. It is a nice change, but that warmer weather suits me best. From this room, I can look out my window and can see the Georgia Dome where, just yesterday, the Falcons lost to the 49ers in the NFC championship game. I could hear cheering, at times, from those around the hotel wishing they were inside that dome just about a block away. After the game, quite a slew of Georgia fans streamed through the CNN area on their way to their cars, but with no more cheering, or even excitement. Their Falcons had lost this one. 

Now, back to sharing some of my recent work. Well, not really recent, but within the last several months. I am sharing a few images from a fall wedding at Omni Amelia Island Plantation in this blog. It was a gorgeous day, with a handsome groom and stunning bride. What more can I say? Pierce and Katie had the most exquisite wedding day. The Omni AIP, created a beautiful celebration for them, beginning oceanside, near the Inn, and continuing with the reception at Walker’s Landing, with its beautiful marsh and river views. The flowers, by Artistic Florist, on the island, were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The sheer number of them was breathtaking, as they spilled out of the fireplace hearth onto the surrounding floor. I believe a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few from that special day in October, in no special order. Please enjoy and share as you wish. Katrin Bell was my 2nd shooter in this wedding, and, as always, gave this bride and groom an extra dose of spectacular images. Blessings…Pam




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