Never a dull moment with Child and Family Sessions | Child and Family Photographer Amelia Island

I have looked back through some of my past family and children sessions, as I gear up for the spring season of photography. I just love these sessions. The interaction between family members is so joyful and I love to capture that time. Whether it is an ‘eskimo kiss’ between parent and child, or just holding hands walking on the beach. I never tire of photographing these moments. I know they don’t last forever, as I have been through them, and now am the mom of four adult children and two gorgeous granddaughters, who can be seen in the final three of all of these images.

0062 DUN_0075rm

0063 _FSL0129rm 0123 ALL_0232rm 0094 EMI_0080rm 0278 MEG_0486rm 0014 BRY_0048rm 0020 PCK_0074-Editrm 0024 AND_0030rm 0034 OST_0110rm-2 0043 SKR_0066rm-3 0052 DUN_0069rm

Those little dimpled hands–so cute to hold–pass way to quickly. The wide-eyed excitement of a child discovering something new– whether a special shell, or turtle in the dunes, or simply a bird flying overhead, never ceases to amaze me.

I discovered something long ago–children are cute no matter what. A child can cry, laugh, be angry, sad, stone-faced, or whatever. All are cute in images, and all capture that child at that point in time. I could stay out with a family or child session way too long and way into dark. Wait! I have done that. Just ask some of my past clients. We have a really good time and it seems no one wants to stop, including me. It is amazing what these digital cameras can capture with just the right amount of artistic lighting at night :).

0009 DES_0036rm 0014 PKL_0008rm 0021 _HGE0037rm 0031 BRF_0097rm-4 0033 HEN_0081rm 0038 LEP_0036rm 0041 BRF_0122rm-2 0041 MAR_0149rm-2 0044 RCH_0640-Editrm 0050 MCR_0169rm-2 0051 GRA_0043rm 0051 HIL_0114-Editrm 0073 GRA_0081rm-2 0075 SAU_0160rm 0085 BRN_0079rm-2 0098 BRB_1002-Editrm 0181 SAN_0131rm 0229 SAN_0316rm-4 KEL_0202rm 0004 MCR_0008rm-2 0007 BAN_0005rm 0007 PCK_0025rm 0004 _HGE0007rm-2

I never tire of this beautiful island, known as Amelia Island, or Fernandina Beach,  and the gorgeous backdrops the Lord has provided in this area, including ocean, river, marsh, tropical foliage, moss-draped oak trees, and so many other choices. There is always some place special to photograph. Anyway…I just wanted to share a few images from some recent family sessions. I have oh, so many more, but grabbed a few to share here. Enjoy!And….if you like what you see, please stop by my page and give me a like. I would LOVE that! Blessings… to you and yours.

KEL_0203rm0046 ACE_0145-Editrm 0052 TAN_0620rm-2 0053 _BAM0068rm 0054 FEI_0046rm-2 0074 SKR_0153rm 0076 ACE_0263-Editrm 0081 MER_0144rm 0083 LAS_0597rm 0085 BRN_0079rm-2 0089 _FEL0124rm 0117 HEL_0249rm-10 0117 JOH_0077rm 0120 BRN_0139rm 0172 JAN_0196rm-2 0200 MNM_0189rm 0216 SAN_0268rm-2 0152 KEL_1009rm

WRK_0855 WRK_0882 WRK_0887A

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