Photographing Children | Amelia Island Child and Family Photographer

0117 HEL_0249rm-10Today’s topic is one of my favorites to share. Child Photography. I love photographing children and children with their families. They are so much fun. I love to keep my camera on them and ready to click when a moment present itself, which is constantly during any session. When there is more than one child and they are going in different directions?  I simply scan from child to child. There is never a dull moment.  I have found that children never have a bad photo day. Their hair–well, it looks cute, even if it is totally windblown or soaking wet. They can’t be caught in a bad expression, because all of their facial expressions are cute. It doesn’t matter if they are mad, sad, happy, surprised, crying, laughing, smiling, etc. Thus is life and that is what I love about capturing children. They wear no ‘masks’. What you see is what you get, and I love that. Don’t get me wrong. I love photographing all ages, but sometimes, a little more work is needed to capture that perfect shot of an adult. Children–well, it just comes naturally. All angles, all sizes, all faces, most actions 🙂 I am including a few of my favorite backside shots of children. When viewing these, you will realize they all taken from behind the child/children. I seem to have a theme that has been very prevalent in my photography since my early beginnings. I love taking shots of children from behind, whether they are looking at a bug, shell, leaf, or stopping to view something that only they can see; whether they are running away as fast as their little legs will go, looking at the ocean, running toward a parent, or just running to play–I just love those moments, and love capturing those moments for their parents. I realize how quickly this time passes, and then these moments are gone forever. EXCEPT–in the image I have taken. I love that! I hope you do, too, and enjoy viewing these few examples I have included in this blog. Blessings….Pam

0117 JOH_0077rm


0081 MER_0144rm0089 _FEL0124rm0062 SHV_0181rm0053 _BAM0068rmThis last one–well….I just had to include it. It is definitely one of my all-time favorites!0278 MEG_0486rm

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