Engagement Session on Amelia Island | Amelia Island Photographer

It goes without saying, once you visit our quaint little island, that it is a photographer’s paradise. I surely can’t complain, as one of those photographers, about all the gorgeous backdrops from which I can choose. I have the choice of the ocean, a river, the golden marsh, gorgeous moss-draped towering oaks, a beach, and a quaint downtown area, with a marina. That does not begin to mention all the other off the beaten path areas. And, then there is Big Talbot, close-by that just calls out for all types sessions–from baby to children, to seniors, to families to e-sessions and weddings.  It is a gorgeous place where the old trees have fallen over onto the sand, waterside, offering mega opportunities for photos for the above mentioned, as well as exploring for the kids and kids at heart. And, to top it off, our weather is pretty outdoors doable all year. This makes it very nice for this on-location photographer, who loves to use natural and available light to create the best images for those who find themselves on the lens side of my cameras.

This feature e-session today is no exception to the gorgeous locations on the island. This is an example of one of what I call my ‘roaming’ sessions. We meet up and begin shooting and just travel around a few mile stretch to find the best light and best backgrounds. It is so much fun, and the results are never the same giving my goal of unique images room to bloom.

I just loved being with this couple. I had only met them through email and a quick phone call, so I was excited, not only to photograph them, but to meet them in person. The attire Christina chose for her and Drew was just perfect for their session. In fact, their attire, I must say, really helped to create the session as it progressed. I usually have a hat or two with me, and couldn’t resist pulling one out for a couple of shots. I thought it fit neatly in the ‘theme’ we had going.

We were having the best time, had captured some great images and were winding up the session with some silhouette shots, which have been a kind of trademark image for me for quite sometime, when the fireworks at the Ritz Carlton began. What??? I thought. Christina and Drew get fireworks during their session, too? I knew we had already captured some great shots, so to add icing to the cake, I told them where to stand, and captured a few more images of them enjoying a beautiful display of fireworks from the beach. It doesn’t get better than that!

Oh–did I forget to mention Danger. I surely didn’t mean to. You will see a couple of shots of Danger. What photographer, with camera in hand, can refuse the little eyes of man’s best friend–or, in this case, couple’s best friend? He was a cutie, as you will see.

Please enjoy this post. And please come back and visit. I don’t get to blog daily, but I do as often as possible.

Have a great day! Blessings…


John 3:16

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2 thoughts on “Engagement Session on Amelia Island | Amelia Island Photographer

  1. Very very cute! Pam, i am not sure why you didnt order fireworks to go off during our e-session! LOL Excellent job!

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