E-session at Big Talbot | Amelia Island Wedding Photographer

I am so excited to say that this time next week today’s spotlight couple will be husband and wife! I am honored to be documenting the big day, along with my daughter and assistant, Kirsten. We both had the privilege of meeting Britain several years ago when she was a bridesmaid in a wedding we photographed together. It was her friend, Joy’s wedding, and it was held at the Ribault Club in Jacksonville, Florida.

Chris’ and Britain’s wedding is in Tallahassee, where they live, and it is going to be absolutely gorgeous, I know. Britain has planned it to a T, and she is so very creative. I can’t wait to see what we get to photograph. The venue they have chosen is such a perfect spot, as well. We are heading over the day before to check it and the lighting situation, so we can make sure to get the absolutely best shots.

Britain and Chris are so perfect together and I had the best time with them during their e-session. When we first talked about their session, Big Talbot, with the gorgeous old fallen trees lying along the waterfront, was the site that we decided upon for the starting point. From there we traveled to another couple of locations in another one of, what I call, my roaming e-sessions. The images, today, are from Big Talbot Island.

-Just a short blog, today. Enjoy the images….


**Counting the days, Britain and Chris!**

0002 BRI_0010rm 0014 DWY_0012rm 0016 BRI_0041rm 0027 DWY_0027rm-2 0032 BRI_0071rm 0035 DWY_0037rm 0043 BRI_0087rm 0053 DWY_0066rm 0055 DWY_0071rm 0056 DWY_0074rm 0063 DWY_0088rm 0071 BRI_0136rm 0076 BRI_0149rm 0090 DWY_0123rm 0112 BRI_0208rm 0114 BRI_0212rm 0118 BRI_0218rm

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