A Baby a Day–This Photographer’s Way | Amelia Island Photographers


I love baby and child sessions. And, I love weddings, and family sessions. Oh, and I can’t forget the engagement sessions and senior sessions. And….any of those as beach sessions, too. Okay, I admit, I love them all. However, it seems I have had several baby/child sessions that have come up lately. And, I had the best time at each. I always welcome these and look forward to what new and special moments I can capture.

I love looking for moments –not just any moment, but the RIGHT moment. I always know when I get it. I do not go into a session knowing exactly what I will capture. I have ideas in my head, but, not until I get the child in front of me, do I really know where the session will go. You see, I love the spontaneity of a child at play–or a baby–even a newborn with all his/her little faces and movements. We all know each baby/child has his/her own unique personality from birth. That is what I aim to find during a session. And, multiple sessions with the same child continues to unwrap that personality a little more each time as the child grows. I love being a part of documenting these times in the life of a child and his/her family.

During a session, I know when I capture the RIGHT moment. But, of course, I can’t just stop there. That right moment is usually followed with quite a few more. It happens more quickly in some sessions than in others, and that is normal. It is not unusual for me to have to assure parents that what they are experiencing during the session is normal behavior. All children react differently to the camera. Some are shy and some are hams. And, it always seems the child reacts exactly opposite of what the parent expected. But, that is what I love about this profession. No two sessions and no two children are ever alike. Unique images–that is my passion–whether for children or any of the above mentioned portrait opportunities.

Please enjoy these few images from one of these recent sessions. What a joy it is for me to capture these special moments in the lives of children!

If you would like to have unique and gorgeous images of your child or grandchild, please contact me. My email is pambellphoto@comcast.net and my website is http://www.pambellphotography.com. I would love to hear from you and save a date for your child on my calendar.

Blessings… Pam

This is Brayden at 13 months. Isn’t he the cutest??? – oh, and he loves bubbles and loves to swing. Can you tell?

BRY_0309rmBQM_0006rm-3 BRY_0055rm-3 BRY_0174rm BRY_0205rm

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