Rainy Day Wedding- LOVE!!! | Amelia Island Wedding Photographer

I was honored, just a few hours ago, to be photographing the wedding of Jennifer Ginn and Alan Law. It was a gorgeous event and I loved being with them and their family and friends.

Jennifer and Alan and I had spent time together for their engagement session in Fernandina Beach,  a few months ago. I knew they were very romantic and very playful A great combination to have in front of the camera. We had captured some amazing shots from their e-session and I have been looking forward to their wedding ever since. We had talked and emailed on numerous occasions and had discussed the images for the day. We had discussed Jennifer’s playful, yet romantic personality and that of Alan’s. After the meetings/emails, we had a plan. I pretty much knew where we would take their first look photos and where we would take their special moment photos and finally at what time we would be on the dock for the gorgeous sunset photos. One thing none of us planned on was rain–the entire day!

I am used to a little rain, as we all are, here, on Amelia Island. However, we have not had a whole lot recently. In fact, we haven’t had the amount of rain that fell today in quite sometime. (months/years) I often call Amelia Island, Camelot, due to the rain never falling until after sundown (if you know the lyrics to the song) —in our case, not at all. It seems today’s weather certainly made up for our lack of rain. Guess I can no longer call us Camelot.

However, it was a wedding day for a gorgeous couple, and, we were all going to make the best of the dripping skies. I had my assistant, Kirsten and my 2nd assistant, Jensen in the know regarding the rain. (I don’t always have two assistants, but knew the rain might throw us off a little and knew we could use the extra hand). I was going to get something special for Alan and Jennifer, just like any of my weddings. So…I prayed, just like I do for all my weddings, for us to see the shots and get the best shots, possible for the day.

Did the rain stop? -why, no, it didn’t. So, we decided to use the rain in our favor, of course. Gorgeous inside window shots, first look shots in the breezeway, family shots, under the eaves, umbrellas running to the limo, and so many other new shots for this day followed. It was one great big challenge, and anyone who know me, knows I am up for a challenge (most of the time). I have to say I am so glad the ceremony was at the Amelia Plantation Chapel and the reception at the Oyster Bay Yacht Club. Both have gorgeous outdoor settings, but both also have gorgeous inside settings in case of inclement weather.

About the time we were supposed to be on the dock for the gorgeous sunset view, we were taking these shots with the pouring down rain. Nothing lost, though, because I love these shots! And, not only do I love these, but so do the bride and groom, which is most important.  I am so happy they were willing to take this one last photo op. Look what they got! So gorgeous and perfect for a wedding–captured for all time.

Thank you, Jennifer and Alan, for calling on me to document your wedding day. I have so many more images to share and can’t wait to share them with you.

Meanwhile, enjoy this, knowing you got something very unique for your day. Those who do not have these particular showers of blessings on their day, don’t get shots like this.



Let the rain fall--romance continues...

Let the rain fall–romance continues…


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