Wedding Photographer on Amelia Island | Oyster Bay Yacht Club

Hi All–It has been about two weeks since my last blog, and much has happened in my world of photography. This time of year, things do start picking up quite a bit, which means my blogging will suffer even more than normal. We have those wonderful families that come to our gorgeous island for spring break and a little vacation time–usually away from the snow up north or in the Midwest. This year has been no exception. I have had the best time capturing some gorgeous kids and their families in our beautiful springtime weather. Our azaleas were as pretty and profuse as ever this year–though a bit early. We were able to capture some of these kids and families at the peak of the season. So, not only did they get beach images during their sessions, but also some gorgeous flower backdrops. I will share those in an upcoming blog.

For today, I am sharing my most recent wedding. I have had 5 weddings throughout the last 6 weeks. Like I said, things pick up this time of year…and it gets crazy! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Weddings are so much fun. I love reflecting the bride’s dream for her wedding day in my photography. Sure, I have my own style, which is pretty obvious, and, utilizing that style, I want to make sure I capture her wedding day as the bride has envisioned it.

The following wedding images were all made at Oyster Bay Yacht Club, just last Saturday. It is a gorgeous venue and never lacks for the perfect backdrop for wedding day images when viewed from any direction and any location on the property or inside the buildings, there. The artistic vision of a wedding day is definitely enhanced in this particular venue. The glistening water, the marsh, the tropical foliage and the majestic moss-draped oaks are plentiful and just waiting for an image to be snapped.

What a perfect day for a wedding for Lindsey and David! The temperature was just right with a nice little breeze that kept catching Lindsey’s veil. It was lovely, but after catching it from the wind on several occasions, she was ready to take it off, and continue her day without it. I asked her to leave it in a tad longer for a couple of special shots, and I am so glad she was willing. Two of those images can be seen below.  The wind worked in our favor for one of those images and ha definitely created a beautiful image for her to enjoy, always.

Even though the temperature dropped a little at sunset, there were still many gorgeous images to be taken, and Lindsey and David were willing to take a little sunset stroll along the piers. Oh, I am so glad they did. Their first sunset as husband and wife was absolutely stunning and we made the most of every minute as it dropped past the horizon. Then, on to the boat docking area we went. My favorite boat was there–the one that is named ‘At Last’. It is such a perfect, fitting name for a boat, and with a bride and groom in the image, it is doubly perfectly named.

After much fun and celebration, with family and friends, the bride and groom exited through a deluge of bubbles and jumped into their awaiting Rolls Royce, a perfect fit for the end of their day. And, away Mr. and Mrs. Speranza went to their new life together.

Enjoy these few ‘teasers’ from their day.


LND_0069rm LND_0090rm LND_0095rm

SPR_0012rm SPR_0017rmLND_0114rm LND_0768rm LND_0773rm

PRT_0166rmLND_1119rm LND_1144rm LND_1153rm LND_1164rm LND_1195rm LND_1212rm LND_1227rm LND_1275rm LND_1278rm LND_1309rm LND_1344rm

SPR_0396rmLND_1966rm LND_1992rm

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