Creating an Image with Words or a Camera | Amelia Island Wedding Photographer

Writing in rhyme comes easy for me I come from a Dad who did it, you see For many poems he wrote and with others did share So, I continue his legacy, minus his romantic flare For he could write words that drew pictures in the mind Me? I have to use a camera to […]

A Photographer’s Son’s Wedding Day | Wedding in Charleston

Hi All, I have so much to share as I write this. However, I am quite behind my normal schedule, and will just say a few words, here. I may and may not have time to expound on this, later, but we will see. My son and his new bride had one of the most […]

Gearing Up for the Big Day of Stevn and Jenni | Amelia Island Engagements

Hi All, Today’s blog is short, and I mean short. I have a wedding to attend in three days – my son’s. I am so excited. I wanted to share a link where Stevn’s and Jenni’s images have been posted for a while. It is the link to a wonderful photographer  – husband/wife team –that […]

Time to Remember…. | Amelia Island Photographer

This is a good time for a very short blog. I am waiting for the images I just finished up editing to export into a file. After that, I will begin making the slide show for my son and his fiance’s wedding rehearsal slide show. I discovered something, today, while going through their images. They […]

My Son’s Wedding Week…Time to turn my attention to home | Amelia Island Photographer

This is a very special week around our home. Our youngest son is getting married on Saturday to the girl of his dreams, and we are SO excited for him! She is a beauty, inside and out, and we are thrilled to welcome her as another Mrs. Bell, and part of our family. Their story […]

A Trip to Cumberland Island | Cumberland Island Photographer

I had the privilege of taking the ferry over from the Fernandina Beach Marina, on Wednesday, to photograph a honeymooning couple. What a great time we had! This ferry, which is for foot traffic and not vehicle transport, is called the Lucy R. Ferguson, and makes the trip over twice a day. The first is […]

Amelia Island Sunsets | Amelia Island Photographers

Just a short blog entry today. I wanted to share with you Tuesday’s (May 7) sunset on Amelia Island. I don’t often get to take sunset photos, but I was out at the right time, this day, having just finished up two sessions. On the way home, I noticed it was nearing sunset and decided […]

Surf’s Up! | Amelia Island Photographer

Hi All, I did something, yesterday, that I haven’t been able to do for a while. I went to the beach and took photos of my son surfing. This wasn’t just any beach day, but a perfect surf day for our part of the East coast. –When the waves come after the storm, when the […]

It is Wedding Month | Amelia Island Photographer

Hi All, Just a quick post to let you know I am still here. It has been a very busy time in the last several weeks. I have had several weddings and child shoots–and even a couple of family sessions. The big family session time will begin in about a month and last for about […]