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This is a good time for a very short blog. I am waiting for the images I just finished up editing to export into a file. After that, I will begin making the slide show for my son and his fiance’s wedding rehearsal slide show.

I discovered something, today, while going through their images. They have led parallel lives. So many things the same, just different families. It has been so much fun looking through Jenni’s photos and Stevn’s and trying to match up the ones I will show. I am not one to let Stevn’s slides play, and then Jenni’s slides play. No. I figure I will do it much the same as I do my wedding slide shows, when I put an image of the bride and then an image of the groom, etc. That makes it a tad more interesting to watch, and in Jenni and Stevn’s case, it will be perfect.

If I didn’t know they were perfectly matched, I would certainly know so, after looking through their photos. Both presented me with their choices to scan and put into the presentation. Jenni gave me about 120, and Stevn gave me about 40. Typical guy, he is. When I visited Jenni’s facebook profile, I noticed she had over 2500 photos to Stevn’s 490. So typical! However, Stevn has thousands of growing up photos, himself, since he is the baby of four, so I had no problem finding more to make the show come out even. Not to worry, there are not 120 photos of each–but close :). I plan to play the show pretty quickly, since I certainly don’t want anyone to fall asleep in the American Theater in Charleston, where the rehearsal dinner will take place.

It is going to be a fun gathering of bridal party and mostly family. The bridal party is quite large in count, as is reflective of Stevn and Jenni’s enjoyment of being around their friends.

Eventually, when I finish up the slideshow, I will share a couple of their growing up photos. I almost chose to share a couple now, but the ones I would have shared may have spoiled a surprise Jenni has planned, so I will wait.

Meanwhile, I want to share a few from my yesterday’s child session at Ft. Clinch. What better day to photography a family than on Mother’s Day! I have photographed this adorable little one, since she was just a newbie. She is four, now, and just a ball of energy and smart as a whip! We always have a great time, together.

Enjoy these few images from her session. I know I will have more to share, later, but, for now, I am keeping it short and sweet!

Thanks for dropping by!

Oh—and on a very happy note. Happy 27th Birthday, today, Stevn! Your birthday gift is your rehearsal dinner. 🙂  However, there will be no birthday cake, but how does pecan pie and peach cobbler sound? Yummy to me!





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