Gearing Up for the Big Day of Stevn and Jenni | Amelia Island Engagements

Hi All,

Today’s blog is short, and I mean short. I have a wedding to attend in three days – my son’s. I am so excited. I wanted to share a link where Stevn’s and Jenni’s images have been posted for a while. It is the link to a wonderful photographer  – husband/wife team –that do amazing work. They have photographed celebrities and much more, and now they are photographing my son’s wedding :). I am very excited. Of course, I will have my camera in hand to capture an image here or there, but I will be able to enjoy the wedding, without camera, knowing all those great moments will still be captured by Bob and the 18 other photographers who will be attending :).

My special thanks to Bob and Dawn Davis for letting Stevn and Jenni’s wedding be one of their real wedding workshops. Thanks forever, guys!!!

I am sharing some of e-session images from the engagement session I shot with Stevn and Jenni last fall in anticipation of this day, just 3 days away.

Loved having the opportunity of capturing this special time for them.

Enjoy!0007 JEN_0011rm 0010 JEN_0015rm 0077 STV_0066rm 0088 JEN_0114rm-2 0134 STV_0118rm STV_0251rm JEN_0151rm JEN_0252rm STV_0105rm STV_0160rm

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