A Photographer’s Son’s Wedding Day | Wedding in Charleston

Hi All,

I have so much to share as I write this. However, I am quite behind my normal schedule, and will just say a few words, here. I may and may not have time to expound on this, later, but we will see.

My son and his new bride had one of the most gorgeous weddings and receptions I have ever attended. And, I am saying this even as a wedding photographer for the last 13 years. I mean it was gorgeous. The wedding was at Grace Episcopal in Charleston and the reception was held at the William Aiken House, there. (We had the rehearsal dinner at the American Theater, and that is a story for another blog–and boy, do I have a story :). Of course, this day, I was the mom of the groom and not the photographer, though I truly wanted to be able to do both. But, to do both well, was out of the question, so I took a few photos, here and there. They are not my normal wedding work, but I was happy to snap some as we went along. There were 18 other pro photographers there, capturing the day, as part of a Bob and Dawn Davis workshop, so I rested easy. And, owe much thanks to them and to my friends, Bob and Dawn, for agreeing to and pulling this one off!

I have to admit, though, as I have seen some of their gorgeous work coming across my FB page, that I have experienced a little photographer envy, but I think that may be normal. I was taking care of other things while the prep photos were going on and many of the others. The ‘things’ I was taking care of were of utmost importance to my son. I am so glad I stepped back and did the ‘Mom’ thing.

I was reminded, again, since this was the 2nd of my 4 children to be married, that which is important to families at a wedding celebration. Photographers are privy to many things regular attendees never get to experience. We see the prep area; the family relationships, the venues, the emotional moments, the behind-the-scenes and so many other things attendees may miss or not be able to see. We know if the shoes didn’t show up, or if the tux is not the right size, or if the veil is too tight, or if the dress is a little snug, or a little large, and we see all the nervousness that goes on before hand. We get to see and capture it all, with discretion, of course, because we are professionals.

And, there was one extremely important thing, this groom’s mom missed. I didn’t have a good view of my new daughter-in-law coming down the aisle. As a photographer, I either get that photo from behind or in front, whichever the church/venue allows. I am so glad I will be able to see that moment when the final images get to me. I know it must have been gorgeous, but, for now, I can only imagine. Since I couldn’t see the bride, I had my eyes fixed on the groom, my son, whose breath was taken away as his bride approached the altar. How it should be. I will never forget his face and his raw emotion in that moment. It is forever etched in my mind and I didn’t need a camera for that, though I did sneak a couple of shots when I could, without being distracting.

I have a renewed passion for capturing the wedding day for the bride and groom and their families. I have never lost the old passion, but I go into my Saturday’s wedding with all the reminders of why I do what I do, and why it is so important to hire a seasoned, professional photographer for a wedding day. Referring to myself as seasoned- is that a good thing??? Hopefully, it doesn’t carry the connotation of being old, because I am far from that–in my mind, anyway.

The day after the wedding the workshop group met up with the newlyweds and took them to a couple of venues in Charleston, where they enjoyed some moments with them. I was able to join the group, with my camera in hand, at that point. I did capture a few images, my way, but, for the most part, I was a guest at the workshop and didn’t want to interfere with the others. I just had a great time and I believe everyone did, including the bride and groom!

So, having said all this, I am sharing a few images below. Enjoy!

Blessings…CTE_1723rm-3 CTE_1775rmA CTE_1805rmA CTE_1815rmA CTE_1871rmA CTE_1962rmA CTE_2152rm CTE_2355rm CTE_2362rm CTE_2864rm CTE_2923rmA CTE_2931rm CTE_2970rm CTE_3019rm CTE_3030rm CTE_3044rm CTE_3079rm CTE_3186rm CTE_3237rm-2 copy CTE_3260rm-2 CTE_3309rmA SNJ_0021rm-2 SNJ_0257rm SNJ_0263rm SNJ_0331rm-2rm SNJ_0367rm-2


3 thoughts on “A Photographer’s Son’s Wedding Day | Wedding in Charleston

  1. Pam, you write almost as beautifully as you shoot! You painted a lovely picture of your son’s wedding. When I was looking at your photos, I was astounded by the beauty of the bride, the manliness and good looks of the groom and how masterfully you created each shot. You are, indeed, a seasoned veteran – and not due to age. You have a God-given talent that you have developed fabulously! I am always astounded by your pictures. Congratulations on the union of your son and new daughter and the success of your business. It is great to see what you do when others would only shutter! (Sorry for the feeble photography humor.)

    • Thank you, Ken, for your kind comments. Jenni is gorgeous, both inside and out, and we are thrilled to welcome her to our family. Stevn has definitely made a very wise choice :). We are so glad she said yes. 🙂 I appreciate the comments pertaining to my photography and glad it comes across the way you see it. I never dreamed photography would be a vital part of my life. The Lord has definitely opened doors and has blessed me beyond measure. I am looking forward to where He leads. Hey- I love the (shutter) photo humor. One thing about being a wedding or family photographer, one must have a sense of humor and use it. Blessings to you and yours…

  2. Pam and Wade, it was truly an honor to be part of your son’s wedding day. Jenni and Stevn are an absolutely amazing couple, beautiful inside and out. Their wedding was a dream come true! Perfect in every way! I can’t imagine how many incredible images they are going to have when everything is said and done. Thousands I’m sure!!! Thank you for trusting Bob and I to capture their wedding day along with 17 other photographers! Crazy! We love you all like family! Please know that you can count on us for anything! Much love, ~ Dawn & Bob

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