Beach Sessions – I Love ’em! |Amelia Island Beach Photographer

It’s that time of year. I am busy with BEACH SESSIONS! I love them! We have such a great time. I take ‘formal’ photos, non-posed, and posed and plenty of fun and candid–with a few inspirational thrown among them all. Family and couple silhouettes against our gorgeous sky; kids – walking away, looking at the ocean, jumping and being themselves, and exploring; families – interacting, walking along the shoreline, playing near the gorgeous dunes, and having a great time. I love it all. CHA_0209rm LEI_0514rm LEI_0612rmHarper with EJON_0106rm JON_0130rm JON_0192rmBAmelia Island is a great place for a vacation and vacation portraits. I have return clients year after year, and always enjoy seeing them again, and how much the kids have grown. I invite you to become one of those clients and return clients. Please explore my website and my Facebook page. If you like what you see, please give me a call, email or Facebook message me. I’d love to meet you and capture a few images of you and your family having a great time on Amelia Island and/or Fernandina Beach! Let me show your family in a new, creative and artistic way–along the beach. If the beach is not your ‘cup of tea’, Amelia Island and the surrounding area has many a scenic venue just waiting to have a family, couple, child, baby, or even high school senior step into one of them.

If you like my photography, please drop by and like my Facebook page. I really appreciate it!



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