‘Beaching’ It with Families and Children | Amelia Island Photographer

Hello All,

I can’t believe I have let two weeks go by without adding to this blog. I’m still here, but   ‘smack dab’ in the middle of family beach sessions. That means I am busy with booking, shooting and editing those fun sessions. Many of the families I work with are from other states and just visiting our island. I always enjoy meeting the new clients, seeing past clients and our time together.

I will keep this short by sharing a few images from a couple of recent family sessions. I love working with families on the beach. We always have a great time, no matter the age of the children. The gorgeous backdrop, here, on Amelia, simply enhances the images and helps to create something special and unique for each family.

Enjoy these images. Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words.



0024 GRI_0027rm 0033 GRI_0039rm 0046 MAR_0060rm 0112 MRG_0073rm JDE_0276rm JDE_0301rm JDE_0307rm JDE_0327rm





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