Family Beach Session Time | Amelia Island Beach Portraits

Hello All.

This will be another of those short blogs. And, since my writing leaves a lot to be desired, that is probably a good thing. I keep thinking I will write and share daily, but that doesn’t seem to happen this time of year. It has been a busy summer beach session and fun! I have to say I LOVE family beach sessions. I get to ‘do it all’ in those–family shots, kid shots, couple shots, single portrait shots, artistic shots, candid shots, etc. There is never a dull moment and the time I spend with my families always leaves me knowing I have new friends. And….so far this year, I have a lot of new friends from all over these United States. I have had folks from New York, Missouri, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, Alabama, Ohio, Massachusetts –just to name a few off the top of my head. Though they are all from so many various places, they all share the same desire–to capture their family enjoying our beautiful beaches of Amelia Island.

I have several places I suggest to those who are looking for the ‘just right’ spot; however, many times, I will travel to them and meet them where they are staying during their vacation on Amelia. I have had many clients from the Omni Amelia Island Plantation, as well as the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island. Both resorts offer gorgeous beaches and the most beautiful grounds and accommodations. It is a blessing that I live within just a couple of miles of both. I know both areas well, which really helps when it comes to using time wisely with my clients. I am always looking for the next best shot, and though my family sessions follow a certain ‘plan’ in my head, my images from each session are anything but copycats of each other. I am passionate about capturing something really unique in each session for each family, and we always do.

I am including a few images from some of my recent sessions. I hope the love I capture in these images comes through to you, the reader.

Capturing love is what I do. It is an awesome job and a pleasure to do so! It fits in well with my theme from the start of this business over 13 years ago, ‘Capturing Special Moments for a Lifetime of Memories’.



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