The Nalley’s Wedding Day | Amelia Island Photographer

In the midst of all my wonderful family beach sessions, is a break from the norm. It is wedding day for Scott and Angie (Sardi). And, oh what a beautiful day it was! Despite the threatening forecast of a Nor’easter and rain, thankfully, the day was gorgeous. Sunny and blue skies with a few nor’easter clouds hanging around, along with a tad of a breeze, made the day just perfect for the newlyweds, their family and friends. The prep and reception took place at the gorgeous venue of Oyster Bay Yacht Club, while the wedding took place at the historic St. Peters Episcopal Church in quaint downtown Fernandina Beach, FL.

This wedding was not quite the typical wedding for me. Angie and Scott had agreed for their wedding to be a Pam Bell Photography Wedding Workshop. I had three attending photographers, as well as my 2nd shooter and myself. That means there were five photographers documenting the day.  I know what I captured and can’t wait to see what the others captured! I know Angie and Scott will enjoy all of their images, and the five different perspectives and styles.

I am only sharing a few on this blog. After all, the wedding was only three days ago–and between that wedding and this blog, I have had two family sessions and an elopement. So, I haven’t had much time to work on the wedding images, but found a few to share immediately with many more to come on a later blog.

Enjoy the images from Angie and Scott’s Day. And… a special thanks to this gorgeous couple and perfect pair for calling on us to capture their day. It was such an honor and privilege!



ANG_0327rmA ANG_0330rmA ANG_0331rmA ANG_0345rmA ANG_0452rmA ANG_0492rmA ANG_1064rm ANG_1102rmA ANG_1103rmA ANG_1616rm ANG_1678rm ANG_1706rmA

2 thoughts on “The Nalley’s Wedding Day | Amelia Island Photographer

  1. Beautiful Images, Pam! These are amazing. I would love to put an image of this great couple with that beautiful bouquet in my photo album at the shop!
    Artistic Florist

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