A Little Fun at the Beach On A Carousel Horse | Family Photographer Amelia Island

Hi All,

It is time, again, for my two-week blog. Wait! That was supposed to be one-week blog. Did anyone see a week run past? I seemed to have lost one. Oh, I know what happened. I do remember taking a few days off, for a family reunion. That’s right. That’s where that week went. I took off for some much needed family time.

We hosted our ‘every two years’ Stevens family reunion over Labor Day weekend. We had such a great time catching up with the ones who were able to come. We even had some of the Stevens from our Northern bunch of cousins join us. It was wonderful to have them come from Minnesota and Canada to spend some time with these Southern Stevens. We swam in the pool, played volleyball and badminton (in the pool), and spent some time at the beach. (Well, some did). We ate and at some more. We talked, played with the kids and played with the dogs. And, we talked. Did I mention that? Imagine a house full (25) of people talking. It was great and good conversations.  We had s’mores in the outside fire pit. It didn’t even matter that it was about 85 degrees outside; it was still fun and yummy!

While all that was going on, I didn’t have any photo sessions or weddings, but I did get behind, a tad, on my editing. It is very hard for me to do that, but I figured most folks (in fact, all of my clients) would understand.

So…. I am back at it. Today, I am sharing some images from a returning client from the great state of Texas. I shot these at the end of August. This mom and daughter are so much fun, and my assistant, Jensen Bell of Jensen Bell Photography (yes, my son) and I captured some wonderful images for them.

We met them at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island, where they were staying and began our shoot, on the lawn. From there we moved to the beach and continued. What fun! Because Jensen was with me, he was able to tote my carousel horse along, and the little one took right to it, as the reader will see in the fun images. Then, to top it off, we added a special little treat at the end, and continued shooting. The sky was very overcast that day, and the beach offered a brisk breeze, which was just perfect for this session.

Enjoy–and please share, as you like. If you are heading to Amelia Island, look me up. I’d love to work with you and your family. I also travel, when needed, so give me a call if you like my style. Have a great day!


At the beginning, the little one started off a tad shy, but that was then….0001  0004 JOH_0051rm 0002  0019 SAU_0073rm 0003  0020 SAU_0075rm 0004 SAU_0061rm 0005 SAU_0040rm 0006  0032 JOH_0124rm 0007  0034 JOH_0133rm 0008  0037 SAU_0126rm 0009  0040 SAU_0135rmA 0010  0046 JOH_0154rm 0011  0049 JOH_0162rm 0012  0053 JOH_0178rm 0013  0065 SAU_0178rm 0014  0077 SAU_0200rm 0015 SAU_0180rm-2 0016 SAU_0220rm 0017  0106 SAU_0269rm 0018  0130 JOH_0366rm-3 0019  0115 SAU_0274rm-2AB 0020  0100 JOH_0286rm

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