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Hi All,

I am sharing a few images of what I have photographed over the last several weeks, and since I last blogged. There are some sessions I am not at liberty to share – like an adorable newborn session, recently, but most will let me post their images. At some point, I will talk about my sessions and how each one works, what we do to get those once-in-a-lifetime shots, and those wonderful interaction shots. I will also share a wedding day through the eyes of the photographer. After 13 years of photographing weddings, as well as professional photography, I am thinking I might have something of interest for folks to read. We will see.

Meanwhile, I am posting various images from recent shoots. I always consider it a privilege and honor when I am called on to photograph a session or wedding. I love what I do, and love that my clients trust me to document their session or wedding. That is very special to me. From babies on up, I find my favorite is all of them. It would be very difficult for me to choose just one age group with which to work. I love variety, and I love meeting new people.

Enjoy viewing. Also, please visit my website and my Facebook page, to see more images. I’d love to have you drop by! – oh, and I have a new logo! I will post it below. I am excited about it! It is a sea bell (perfect for me). I live at the ocean, photograph most of my sessions, there, and my last name….well, you get it. And…I love the colors my graphic designer, Katie Loerts, of LoertsDesign chose. Perfect!

Oh–and, I have exciting news! Two of my images from the Bradford wedding have been featured,  on a line of greeting cards– Soaring Hearts by Barbara Parentini. I am posting one of the images as the last image in this blog. And, I have just been asked to have one of my images featured on a flyer for a company, Clinical List America, coming to our island, soon. I love sharing my images in ways I had not even imagined.

One more thing. My son, Jensen Bell Photography,  and I have teamed up and created a new Facebook page. It is called Amelia Island Scenes. Please look us up, if you have a moment, give us a like, and enjoy scenes from around our lovely island and surrounding area, in northeast Florida. I have included one ‘teaser’ from the Amelia Island Scenes page, below. I am sure the reader will be able to figure out which it is.

Now, on to the promised images….



Pam Bell Photobiz Logo



0054 SPH_0131rm-2A 0077 SPH_0179rm-2A 0097 SPH_0212rmA 0108 OLV_0214rm SPH_0040rm-2A

ZAC_0044rm-3ALN_0053rm ALN_0124rm ZAC_0079rm-20013 FNT_0039rm-2A 0014 FNT_0044rmA 0042 MAR_0098rm 0060 MAR_0173-EditrmA 0070 MAR_0208rm 0078 MAR_0240rm-2 0090 FNT_0059rmA 0092 MAR_0268rm 0115 MAR_0325rm 0120 MAR_0331rm FNT_0074rm GRA_0079rm0587 APL_1095rm 0719 APL_1302rmA APL_0216-Edit-Edit-Editrm-4 APL_0930rm-2 APL_1336rm APL_1339-Editrm APL_1362rm APL_1377rm APL_1387rm-2 APL_1401rm-2

0192 JEA_0571rm


ANG_1064rm ANG_0365rmA ANG_0360rmA ANG_0280rm-2 ANG_0194rm-2 0119 ANG_0277rm 0118 ANG_0273rm-2

EML_0032rm EML_0085rm EML_0106rm-4A EML_0141rm-2 EML_0143rm-2 EML_0167rm EML_0176rm-2A EML_0291rm TNM_0058rm TNM_0084rmA

0085 KTE_0998rm-2

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