Natural Setting Wedding in Brunswick Georgia | Amelia Island Wedding Photographer

One quick post to comment on the gorgeous wedding I had the privilege of shooting, Saturday, October 12. It was in Brunswick, GA, and was the wedding of Paul Meschke and Autumn Chapman–and it was gorgeous!

Autumn wanted a wedding set in natural surroundings with Spanish moss-draped oaks, and boy, she got it! The backdrops for the ceremony venue, Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, and the reception venue, Hutcheson Plantation, were breathtaking. Both locations are in Brunswick, GA, and seem to be hidden away. I can’t possibly overstate their natural beauty, for everywhere one’s eyes could wander, picturesque beauty was present. It was so much fun being with this perfect pair to photograph their day!!! And, I do want to add a special thanks to Kirsten Campbell, my second shooter for this magnificent day.

I will share more images from this wedding, soon, but wanted to post a few that I chose as I was downloading them to my computer. There are another 1000 plus just as gorgeous as these. –And I look forward to my wonderful bride and groom seeing all of them, and I look forward to sharing a few with those who come back to my blog to visit.

Congratulations to Paul and Autumn. Wedding blessings for a lifetime full of joy…



AUT_0037rm-2 AUT_0072rm-2 AUT_0083rm-2 AUT_0259-Editrm AUT_0338rm AUT_0363rm AUT_0387-Editrm-3 AUT_0901rm AUT_1028rm CHP_0290rm

5 thoughts on “Natural Setting Wedding in Brunswick Georgia | Amelia Island Wedding Photographer

  1. I toured this beautiful site last month during the daylight hours, had always been at night, which is fabulous also, but saw the beauty captured in these photographs that day; also toured the home on site and was awed by its beauty also. What a perfect wedding venue!

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