What I Do All Summer | Amelia Island Beach Sessions

Hi All,

I guess I should start off by saying Happy Halloween, during these last few minutes of this day.

It has been a few days past my ‘weekly’ blogging time. I have been out shooting a few sessions, and, right now, I am preparing for an open house I will be holding tomorrow at Monkey Barrel, a children’s upscale clothing shop on Amelia Island. The shop is located at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation, and is stocked with stylish children’s clothing and some of the greatest kids’ toys.

Tomorrow should be a rather busy day. It is the beginning of Georgia/Florida game weekend. If you don’t know what that is, then you are probably not from the South.  This is a big college football rivalry game, and the reason many folks will be in our area. The game is actually in Jacksonville, FL, on Saturday, and is always a festive time, no matter which team one is rooting for (of course, until the game is over and one of those team’s fans are not quite as excited as the other team’s fans). I understand the Omni Resort is very near full capacity for this weekend.

To prepare for the weekend and the open house, I have had some wall portraits made, as well as a special album. This special album highlights some of the children I have had the opportunity to photograph this year–beginning in March. I am honored the parents of these children trusted me to photograph their families and children and I had the best time with each and every one of them. What an honor! I even added a few family photos toward the end of the album.

You will probably notice a beach theme throughout much of the album. I live at the beach. I live about three blocks from it, so beach photography is a natural for me. It has been for as long as we have lived here. In 2000, when I opened my business, family beach sessions became a vital part of it, along with weddings on the beach. I have since expanded to weddings, in all locations and destinations, and the same with my child, family, senior and couple sessions. In this area, I search out places to utilize for best images and lighting for my clients. Most, however, still love the beach, which is evident in the images in the album.

I would love to have your family and children featured in my next album. Please look me up if you are in the area, or let me know where you are and we can talk about me coming to your location. I would love that.

If you are in the Amelia Island area, and want to see the album, in hand, please drop by Monkey Barrel, tomorrow, Friday, November 1, from 10:00 – 6:00. If you aren’t, then enjoy it by viewing the ‘pages’ below.

Thanks for dropping by.



http://www.pambellphotography.com    pambellphoto@comcast.net


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