Engagement Session with Fun and Romance | Amelia Island Photographer

Hello All,

Blogging time, again. I hope you are doing well, this day.  I wanted to share a few images from an engagement session we had yesterday. I say we, because my associate and 2nd shooter, Jensen Bell, came along on this one, as he has been doing for a while now. He helps me, tremendously, when he comes along on shoots and also shoots some fantastic images, himself.

The images I am sharing are the ones I shot, but I will be sharing more from this session on my website and on facebook, as I go through them. Meanwhile, I thought these first few images would be a great subject for today’s blog.

For those who know me, I am quite a lover of silhouette images. I shoot them all the time, and don’t really remember a time I have not shot them through the years. They are always so unique, and very personal for those in them. Through you can’t see faces; body mannerisms can very well be seen. I just love them.

Yesterday’s session did not offer our gorgeous sunset we were expecting. Instead, we had gray clouds and just a sliver of light left in the western sky at sunset time. So….what to do? Well… having quite a bit of experience with silhouettes, and having stuffed my Italian scarf in my prop bag Jensen had on his shoulder, the images I am sharing are the result. The wind was blowing briskly which added the extra ‘oomph’ we needed, and then the flock of birds came along. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

I had prayed for something unique for this cute young newly engaged (not even 48 hours when these images were taken) couple. And, the Lord truly blessed when the idea of these images came to my mind.

The couple’s story is so sweet. They have been sweethearts since middle school, and said they knew, even back then, that they were meant to be together. How cool is that? The young marine just finished up Marine boot camp, last week, and surprised this young lady with a ring Monday night at the airport in Jacksonville. They are so cute and perfect together.  I was thrilled to be called on to photograph their e-session.

And, now without further adieu–here you go.





ALX_0304rm-3B ALX_0305rmB ALX_0310-EditrmA ALX_0339rmA ALX_0351rm-2A


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