The Most Wonderful Time of the Year | Child Photography Amelia Island

Hi All,

We are entering that most wonderful time of the year, when we celebrate the Lord’s birth! It is my favorite time of year for many reasons. While most photographers call this the busy season, this photographer usually gets to slow it down a tad. I love my photography and all the wonderful folks I come in contact with through it, but sometimes, my ‘other’ life suffers. You know the one that includes family, friends, cleaning, cooking, and exercise. Yes, that one.  And, I also play solo handbells, for those who know what that is, and coming up very soon, I have several performances scheduled. Time to get to practice for those! In fact, if you are interested in seeing a handbell solo, I have a couple on You Tube. You may certainly look me up, if you would like. Try putting in Pam Bell and bell solo. I think they may come up that way. To God be the glory for any talent you see. It is because of Him I play and I recognize any talent you may see/hear, comes from Him.

Also, this time of year is when I get to recoup and refresh. And, that will happen, as soon as I finish up my coming up family sessions. I have several returning clients to photograph plus several new ones I am looking forward to meeting and also capturing some special family memories for them.

Just yesterday, I had the privilege of photographing the children of a couple whose wedding I documented several years back. Oh, how cute their kids are!! I had the best time with the children, ages 10 months and 3 years, in their grandparents’ back yard. I had my little train set, in traditional colors, handy, since I knew the children would be wearing traditional colors.

The weather wasn’t the best for this time of year, due to a little chilly wind, but these two were still able to rock their session, have fun, and the captures bring a smile to me.  More importantly, I know they will bring a smile to their Mom and Mawmaw, who were close by for the session and their dad and granddad.

Please enjoy the few I am sharing today. I hope they bring a smile to you!

And, if you have time, please drop by my website and check out, under ‘Client Access’, a few new sneak peek slide shows. The songs you will hear with those slideshows are from a company called Triple Scoop. I love their songs, and the one I have chosen to go with the slideshow of these two is one of my favorites.


0009  0018 MCR_0068rm-2

0011  0024 ALY_0028rm 0015  0053 MCR_0144rm 0018  0079 MCR_0213rm-2 0019  0041 ALY_0058rm 0022  0062 MCR_0170rm 0025A 0074 ALY_0112rm 0030  0014 MCR_0039rm 0031  0095 MCR_0278rm 0033  0105 MCR_0299rm-3 0034  0114 MCR_0323rm 0036  0117 MCR_0327rm-2 0037  0109 MCR_0308rm-3 0039  0130 MCR_0353rm


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