Fall Family Session Time and Loads of fun! | Amelia Island Photographer

What to do about all this rain and scheduled photo sessions? It’s a rainy day, here, in Northeast Florida. Hope your day is a little more cheery! Actually, I love days like this. We have a Nor’Easter blowing, causing this weather. It’s a great day to get caught up with office work and editing, but not so great for photo sessions, outdoors. So…I have an afternoon, off, from family sessions, but am now playing the calendar game to see whom I can put where. It will all work out, I know. But, I always feel bad for those whose sessions have to be moved around. I know how my clients look forward to their sessions, and are disappointed when the weather doesn’t cooperate. But…this is the sunshine state, and living up to its motto, the sun certainly will shine, once more J

Meanwhile, I have the cutest session to share with you. This family was a referral from a long-time client. I was thrilled when the Mom called to ask me about what I do, and ultimately book a session with me. We talked a lot about location and attire, and well….you will see how those conversations turned out in the images below.

It was an overcast afternoon, and just right for their Big Talbot session. We started the session in the parking lot, with my little lighted tree. The tree came home with me from West Virginia, last week, and I knew how I was going to use it. I am so glad it worked out for this family to be the first to use it.

After the parking lot shots, we headed to the waterfront with the BIG trees. The first shot, in that location is of the littlest of the girls looking up, mouth wide open, in amazement. I figure it must look like dinosaur land to someone her size. And, even for adults, it is a very neat location, and I shoot there as often as clients request.

We spent some time and captured some very precious and special moments. The oldest little one had a ball playing in the mud and water, but despite that, she stayed relatively mud-free for the photos. I was amazed.

Both girls are absolutely adorable, and it is so easy to see where those looks come from—from those gorgeous parents, of course.

Since the littlest will soon turn 2, we captured some special moments with her and her birthday balloons.  We even shared a balloon with big sis in several images.

Our last part of the session included a few special couple moments, but only after capturing a candid moment of Mom, being a mom, surrounded by a few props. Those couple shots are hard to come by, it seems, when little ones start coming along. I am so glad this cute couple took time out to be in front of my lens. They certainly make me look good, don’t they?!?

Much thanks to my assistant and 2nd shooter, Jensen Bell Photography, on this shoot. I can only sing high praises for him and his work. His assistance is priceless, and, as a 2nd shooter, he sometimes gets those shots I wish I had been able to get. It goes like this– I set them up, but his angle allows the better perspective and I love it!

Enjoy this wonderful session. It is a reflection of what I do during a family shoot. It is what I absolutely adore doing—capturing moments that are all too fleeting.






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