A Day to Give Thanks | Amelia Island Family Photographer

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day has been an awesome one. The Bell family has had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and we find ourselves, once again, being very grateful and thankful for so many blessings. This year, around our table, we missed some of our regulars—family and friends, but the ones of us present spent some great time together and shared a great meal and a lot of fun—and even talked about those ‘others’ who were not present. Hope their ears weren’t burning. LOL

As I finish up this day, I wanted to express how thankful I am for the many who have trusted me to document special times in their lives. I never tire of doing so. So, I will share some images from this week’s sessions. It is a busy time around here, photography-wise. It is THAT time of year.  The images I am sharing here are from friends/clients I have had the privilege of knowing for several, or more, years.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit my website, please take a moment to do so. I have added many new images, and also a few new sneak peeks. You can view the sneak peek slideshows, under ‘Client Access/Peaks.’




CAR_0072rmB LIN_0052rm-2A LIN_0120rm-3 LIN_0150rm-2B LIN_0160rm-2 LIN_0205rmA LIN_0213rm-20090 KLI_0181rm-2A 0107 CRT_0250rm CRT_0135rm CRT_0147rm CRT_0163rmB KLI_0035rm0017 LEE_0019rm-4 0034 SOU_0002rm 0053 BON_0103rm 0101 BON_0253rmB BON_0264-Edit-EditrmA0045 LEE_0047-Editrm-40094 BON_0234rm

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