Christmas on Amelia Island | Amelia Island Family Photographer

Hi All,

I am writing this on the early morning hours of mine and my husband’s anniversary. We had an early celebration and went to the King and Prince on St. Simons. This is where we spent our honeymoon, and it was so nice to go back for another visit. St. Simons  Island, GA, has always been a fave of mine, as my parents had a beach house there when I was younger,  and we had such great times, filling our time with crabbing, fishing, sunning, and ‘beaching it’. Fun times!

Christmas is almost here, and time has passed very quickly with its approach. I have been busy, busy, busy with family and children sessions, and even a December wedding (which I will share at a later time). Things are settling down, now, and it is welcome break. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I get to do–photograph all sorts of neat people–but a break will do me well, and leave me refreshed for the next round of sessions, which begin just the day after Christmas.

I am so happy to say I have a new ride for my business–one that will hold my props better. I am an on-location, natural surroundings photographer who carries props when/if needed. I photograph a lot of families with kids and those little props come  in very handy. Props like benches, tubs, beach toys, hats, boxes, crates, material–whatever will make the session even more fun. I will share a photo of the new ride below. It is a Ford Flex and I love it. It is used and my son and I had to travel 6 1/2  hours to Gainesville, GA, to see it, buy it and then drive it home. We did all this on Tuesday of this week. Woohoo! It has been an interesting, busy week. The day after getting it, we loaded it up and drove it to its first shoot–an engagement session. It worked out perfectly. I should mention I named the car (I have never named a car before) Jingle. Jingle Bell, I thought, was appropriate for a car bought around Christmastime by me. 🙂

Well…enough of that. Images below. Enjoy and share as you like. I love sharing what I do. Also, be sure to stop by my facebook page, periodically. It gets updated way more than this blog does!

Blessings to you and yours this Christmas.

Take Care.


COU_0002rm COU_0280rm-2 COU_0306rm COU_0339rm KLY_0040rmD KLY_0066rm

KIR_0141rm-2B KIR_0249rm-2B KIR_0301rm-2A KIR_0371rm KIR_0383rm-2 MNS_0089-Editrm

0049 CHA_0137rmA CHA_0020rm-2 CHA_0044rm-3

0099 MRE_0345rmA JNN_0095rmA JNN_0126rmA MRE_0377rmA

HRP_0018rmD Preview of “Lightroom (CHA_0099.NEF and 3 others)”C

0013 HNR_0027rm-2A 0022 BAN_0052rm 0043 BAN_0125rm 0089 BAN_0272rm 0093 BAN_0294rm BAN_0184rm-2

0021 CNJ_0046rm 0023 CNJ_0050rm 0052 CNJ_0098rm-2 0101 CAR_0057rm

0014 JSS_0013rm 0021 CRS_0058rmA 0029 CRS_0068rm 0036 CRS_0095rm 0041 CRS_0108rm 0089 CRS_0212rm-4 0112 CRS_0225rm

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