College is Calling | Amelia Island High School Senior Photographer

Hi All,

I have been doing my thing — photographing and editing. And…gearing up for this New Year in this wonderful biz called Photography. I wanted to share a few images from a recent high school senior session. Elise was in front of my lens 8 years ago, and was back in that same spot a week ago. Wow! Eight years make quite a difference! The little girl I photographed, just yesterday it seems, has grown into a gorgeous young gal who will be heading off to college in just a few short months.

We met up with her and her mom in our quaint downtown Fernandina Beach, and had a blast. It was a tad cool on her day, so between shots she had her jacket handy. I even threw my scarf at her at one point and grabbed a couple of shots with the scarf. I kind of had that in mind when I wore it — so glad I took it along.

Just happened to have a black vintage hat, along, too. Most of my sessions end up with a hat somewhere, or a silhouette, or in Elise’s case, both.

We shot in several places downtown, because the backdrops are just endless, there, and then headed to the beach to finish up.

Enjoy these few images from her session. It was a great day. Oh, and special thanks to my assistant and second shooter,

Congratulations, Elise, on your upcoming graduation!!!

0010 DLR_0018-Editrm 0032 ELI_0049rm 0071 ELI_0204rm 0083 DLR_0104rm 0086 ELI_0223rm 0142 ELI_0377rm 0143 ELI_0378rm 0144 ELI_0380rm 0147 ELI_0393rm DLR_0045rm DLR_0084-Editrm DLR_0095-Editrm DLR_0122rm DLR_0140rm 0055 DLR_0073rm 0100 DLR_0143rmELI_0037rm ELI_0046rm ELI_0049rm ELI_0115rm ELI_0162-Editrm ELI_0201rm-2 ELI_0262rm ELI_0283rm ELI_0312-Editrm ELI_0395rm Blessings…


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