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Hi All,

I have decided to write about something that is very dear to my heart– How to go about choosing a wedding photographer and why; also subtitled, ‘My Passion and How I Shoot a Wedding’.

Yes, I am a wedding photographer. Will I encourage everyone to choose me? Why, of course I will. After you read this article you will know why. Will everyone choose me? Well, of course, they won’t. But, if you don’t choose me, or if I am not available for your day, let me help you in choosing the right photographer.

I will begin by writing this blog, as though I am writing a friend who I have just talked to on the phone, and who is in search of wedding photographer.

–Beginning of phone conversation–I am so excited about your wedding day! To give you an idea of how I shoot a wedding, I will tell you how the day flows. For your day, I will create a photography timeline to reflect all of this. Normally, for a wedding with as many attendants as you are having, (over 5) I would arrive at least two hours prior to the ceremony to begin shooting, and probably three hours. That would give me a little time to catch the end of your prep and the putting on of your dress (bridesmaids should already be dressed, unless a photo of their dresses hanging with yours, is desired, and if so, the bridesmaids should be completely ready except for putting on their dresses).

Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, Brunswick, GA


The Amelia Island Club, Omni Amelia Island Plantation, FL



Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, Brunswick, GA


Upon arrival, I will take a few shots of your dress (and the bridesmaids’, if needed) and rings, veil, bouquet, garter, shoes and any other items of special interest (jewelry, cologne, etc.) you have available for me. Then, I will photograph you getting into your dress, photograph you by yourself for those gorgeous portraits, with your bouquet, and his ring, if you desire. After your special time, I will have all the bridesmaids join us for individual shots with you and group shots. We will have such a great time with this time of prep and portraits–fun galore, but we will be capturing some ‘oh, so, special shots’ too.  After I have photographed your bridesmaids and you, I will have your immediate family join us and take those very special shots of you with your mom and dad (mom has already been in some of those prep shots, usually) and other immediate family. After that, we will take a few more of you, if needed, because, after all, it is YOUR day. Then, I will leave you and the gals to freshen up and I will head out to meet that handsome man of yours and his groomsmen. I will then take similar images of all the guys–your man with his family, with the groomsmen (group/individual), and finally him, by himself.

Private Home, Omni Amelia Island Plantation, FL

0009 KTE_0288rm

ANG_0452rmA RYA_0195rm 0024 KTE_0493rm-2

0019 KTE_0375rm 0008 KTE_0032rm 0014 KTE_0074rm

Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island0021 VAL_0038rm-2

Oyster Bay Yacht Club, Amelia Island


Oyster Bay Yacht Club, Amelia Island


Anglican Church Amelia Island, FL


Oyster Bay Yacht Club, Amelia Island, FL


About this time, we are ready for the ceremony.

Anglican Church, Amelia Island, FL

0118 TRA_0213rm0359 TRA_0656rm

Beautiful beaches of Amelia Island, FL

0008 CHR_0422rm

Omni Amelia Island Plantation

0068 KTE_0766rm-2Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island

0063  0265 _BIL0661rmAt end of ceremony, we have the following to capture:  family time (with that wonderful groupings list you will give me), bride and groom with all bridal party time, bride and groom alone time. Then it will be about time to be introduced into your reception.

Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island, FL

0232 DEE_0057rm

The Amelia Island Club, Omni Amelia Island Plantation, FL


Hutcheson Plantation, Brunswick, GA


Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, Brunswick, GA


The Amelia Island Club, Omni Amelia Island, FL


Downtown, Fernandina Beach, FL


FYI: I always have a 2nd shooter/assistant at my weddings. The cost is built into my wedding package cost–it is not something you have to be concerned with, except to know I have one. In fact, depending upon the wedding, sometimes I have two.  That 2nd/3rd shooter/assistant will get some of the top images of the day, because while I am having to talk to help folks get into place (during the times that call for this), he/she is capturing some really fun and unique moments. During your day, both of us will capture all the happenings and detail shots and anything else that we know are of importance to you.

0031 CHR_0764rm 0030 CHR_0724rm MLR_0988rm

Walker’s Landing, Omni Amelia Island Plantation

MLR_1659rm 0587 APL_1095rm APL_1387rm-2

Oyster Bay Yacht Club, Amelia Island, FL

ANG_1706rmA ANG_1616rm

Along the gorgeous ocean front on Amelia Island, FL

0034 CHR_0886rm-3

Oyster Bay Yacht Club, Amelia Island, FL



This is my advice to you on researching photographers. If your photographer offers you digital files of your day, make sure you are getting the high resolution (the best) edited images of your day, if that is what you expect. Before the wedding is the time to discuss this, not after. Not all digital files are the same. Make sure there aren’t any hidden prices. I can’t speak for other photographers–only for myself. My standards are very high. I document a day like I would want it documented for my children or myself. When it came time to find a photographer for my son’s wedding, I wanted only the best of the best, which is why I called on my friend and colleague, Bob Davis, of Bob and Dawn Davis Designs, to photograph it. I knew the quality in which he would capture their day and I knew his professionalism. He captured every detail perfectly, as I knew he would, so when we look back, we will see that gorgeous day just as it was. No special things or memories lost.

What I am saying is this: choose wisely. Whether it is I or someone else, you only get one chance to capture this day. Do some research and make sure the one you choose will capture your day well. I hope your search leads you to me. If it does, you can be rest assured, with all my years of experience and the hundreds and hundreds of weddings I have photographed, I will capture all those things that are so very important to you, and give you the most wonderful images to look back on to remember your day.

Omni Amelia Island Plantation, FL

0085 KTE_0998rm-2

I have enjoyed talking to you, and hope I haven’t talked your ear off. I am pretty sure I shared way more than you expected me to.  I will follow up this conversation by sending you the information regarding my wedding photography packages and what I believe will be best one to capture your day, reflecting all the special things you have planned–your time and effort, and all the flowers, decor, venue (at its best), etc. Because, after all is said and done, the images captured during your day are what will continue and will be the wonderful memories you enjoy looking back on throughout your life. I look forward to hearing back from you, once you receive the information. Thanks, so much for calling me. –End of telephone conversation–

I am sure my passion shows in this mock-up phone conversation.  I hope it does, because I wrote this blog immediately after I finished up a wedding inquiry phone call.  I feel very strongly about wedding photography, and just heard, recently, at another wedding I was shooting, how very disappointed a recent bride, in St Augustine, was with her wedding photographs. And, the person that told me this was a bride whose wedding I had photographed and she said this bride, her friend, had paid top dollar for her photographer. So, price is not the indicator. Real photographs from real weddings (not just workshops, or bride and groom images from themed shoots) will help you determine the person that will be best for you. I wish you the best in your search, and if your search brings you my way, please know I am going to do the best ever job of documenting and capturing your day. It is so very important for you to choose the person you trust to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments, and who is a positive addition to your wedding, and who will bring out the very best in you and your guests.  Like I said, my standards are very high, and my goal is to capture your wedding your way, with a little bit of my style, fun, and passion added into the mix.




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