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Hi All,

Sweet, tiny newborns are a joy to document. I am thrilled to share Julia’s session with you, and am looking forward to documenting her throughout the year as part of my year baby package. There are so many milestones to capture and I am looking forward to every session.

When I shoot a newborn session, I love going into the baby’s home and capturing the shots there. I feel these images will mean so much more to the family as they look back on them in years to come. The baby’s belongings are close by to utilize, the family belongings and rooms (depending upon lighting), can be used for backdrops, and, in this case, even the parents’ bed. Well, as far as the parents’ bed, you know the old saying, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray’, right? Well…. the bed idea was no exception. The 4 year old and baby were fine, but little 16 month old–she was not staying on that bed for love or money. She simply wanted her pacifier and to get down. So…I worked very quickly. I have this goal and passion in all sessions–especially those with kids. My passion and goal is to ‘just get the shot.’ Boy, did we get not just one great shot, but several great shots on that bed! –None of which I had in mind, but some priceless shots for this cute family. I have loved sharing them on Facebook, and now glad to be able to share them, here.

Little Julia, who was just 5 days old when these images were taken, is a doll baby.  She was just perfect for her session. After we got some very special shots of her–we added her siblings.  They are all such adorable children. The 16-month-old sister didn’t quite know how she felt about this newest member of the family, so we were really careful of her placement when it came time for the three of them together. Since mom was close by, and literally holding back cute Little Miss 16 month old, the images are very tightly cropped. The big brother, who is 4, is already quite protective of his newest sister, and that is so sweet to observe. Please make sure you scroll through to see the last image I am sharing. I think it will brighten up even the dreariest day. Let me know if you think so!

Oh-and the crocheted piece. It is mine. I love the vintage look it created. I often take along a few containers, hats, caps, and in this case, vintage piece for some special and unique shots.





HLY_0131rm HLY_0141rm HLY_0160-Editrm



HLY_0317rm HLY_0438rm-2 HLY_0468rm JUL_0053rm


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