Spring Mini Sessions – Amelia Island Photographer

Hi All,

This is going to be such a quick one, that I am pretty sure it might have some typos. Since we returned from WPPI in Las Vegas, my plate has been full. I have had several sessions a couple of weddings and am going into a two wedding weekend. So…I thought I’d shoot out a quick blog to let you know I am still here.

I have several sessions I would love to share, but will share this oh, so cute one from a few days ago. I have been photographing for 14 years professionally, but this was my first ever real mini-session. I had reservedly gone into it, as most of my photography involves getting to know my families and children and spending some time with them to capture the best images. Well, as it worked out, I knew all but one of the families that signed up, and had taken family sessions of most of them. So, it was pretty special, I must say.

Enough talk, though. I would just like to share a few images and provide a link so you can see a little slide show. The quality of the slide show is not great to show the images, which is why I am publishing a few of the images separately.

Enjoy! Link to slideshow:



http://www.pambellphotography.comBP1_0972rm-2 BP1_1113rm

BP1_0139rm BP1_0178rm BP1_0206rm BP1_0220rm BP1_0298rm BP1_0328rm BP1_0521rm-2 BP1_0656rm BP1_0801rm BP1_0850rm BP1_0933rm BP1_1152rm BP1_1237rm BP1_1267rm BP1_1312rm-3 BP1_1395rm BP1_1415rm

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