Two Weddings a Day Keep a Photographer on Her Toes | Amelia Island Wedding Photographer

Hi All,

Just another quick blog, today. I just wanted to make sure I posted about my recent 2 wedding Saturday. I usually only take one wedding a day, but I had booked the morning wedding, several months earlier, and when approached about an evening wedding that same day, I explained to the bride that I would be coming from a morning wedding. When she replied that was no problem for her, she was on my calendar, too. What a fantastic day for both weddings! We had 11 hours of shooting time during this great day! I couldn’t have accomplished such a task without my 2nd photographer and assistant, Jensen Bell Photography. He is amazing and does a beautiful job with photography, knowing the right placement of the light, should we need to add any. He is pretty handy to have along to carry my all the ‘stuff’, too! I would suggest any photographer have a 2nd shooter/assistant. The images of the day gain another perspective, which is just icing on the cake for the client. The day started off on the rainy side, but quickly cleared up for the 9:00 beach ceremony. Emily is just gorgeous and with flowers in her hair and a wedding gown that only a few can wear, she was stunning. Her bridesmaids were all ready when we arrived at 7:15 a.m. Yes, you heard right, and it was still dark outside.  (I don’t know about most wedding photographers, but that is EARLY for me. I am a night owl, and have no problem with those late night weddings, but a 9:00 a.m. wedding presents a totally different situation). I was amazed–the hairdressers and makeup artists had been there since about 5:00 a.m. And, were finishing up upon our arrival.JT1_0046rm-3 JT1_0220rm JT1_0370rm JT1_0425rm-2 JT1_0447rm JT1_0712rm-2 JT1_0902rm JT1_0944rm JT1_1008rm JT1_1046rm-2 JT1_1054rm-3 JT1_1064rm JT1_1092rm JT1_1132-Editrm JT1_1134rm JT1_1810-Editrm-2 Doug and Emily are so perfect together. I love the way they look at each other, and pray they keep that, always. I am so honored to have been the one called on to document their day. There are so many images to share, but I will begin with these few. I love weddings! Each has its own personality and I love documenting every little detail and preserving it for all time. Capturing special moments for a lifetime of memories, is my slogan. Please contact me and let me capture some memories for you!



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