It’s Family Beach Session Time | Amelia Island Photographer

Hi All,

It is that most wonderful time of the year, again. BEACH session time. Yippee!! I love every type photography I shoot, but I have to say beach sessions rank very high on my favorites list. The kids can run free and enjoy themselves, while I snap away. And, then, once-in-a-while, when we pose them, they will stay for just long enough to capture that wonderful family portrait. Then, while they continue to play–I can catch one or two, or several of the parents, or parent, who might not have had photos of themselves taken for quite awhile. It is a win-win for everyone. And, I get to ‘work’ at the beach. That is not too shabby, I must say.

Enjoy these images from a session this week. What  a wonderful family! (of course, all of my clients are wonderful) These two boys were full of life and energy, just as they should be. Having non-stop energy must be fun. I sure wish I could borrow some of that from them. I have energy–but boys…if we could only can and sell it :). We started off with the beautiful tropical foliage and proceeded to the beach.



Pam         pambellphoto@comcast.net0016 LS2_0033rm 0020 LS2_0066rm-2 0025 LS2_0073rm 0027 LS2_0089rm-2 0029 LS2_0094rm 0036 LS2_0133rm 0042 LS1_0056rm 0043 LS2_0160rm 0049 LS2_0186rm 0050 LS2_0191rm 0058 LS1_0076rm 0064 LS1_0095rm 0067 LS1_0100rm 0079 LS2_0268rm 0080 LS2_0281rm 0092 LS1_0172rm 0106 LS1_0243rm-2 0107 LS1_0248rm-4 0112 LS1_0266rm-3

0116 LS2_0326rm-2

0088 LS1_0150rm

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