Fun With a Sibling Session on Amelia | Amelia Island Photographer

Hi All,

It’s that time, again. Two weeks has passed and all too quickly. Though I try my best to get this blog up daily, or even weekly, it seems like two weeks is the magic number for me. Since I am really not a writer (easy to see that), then once every two weeks is probably better than a daily writing from me.

I have always been one to believe in the statement that a picture is worth a thousand words. And, I am going to use that old adage here. I can’t even imagine trying to write words that would explain the fun and joy in the session I am about to share.

I met up with these three siblings and their mom and dad and grandmother in a special location, here, on Amelia. We had a great time moving to a couple of different settings in the same location. The weather was perfect so that just left me seeking the best lighting for the session. And….I love walking around and doing that. The kids just got to be kids. The brothers got to blow bubbles for their little sis and she even ‘ate’ a few. You might see the image with that expression if you look carefully. The boys were able to walk along the pond and see a turtle or two and a duck even flew in to see them. I didn’t choose to take images of those happenings, but it is those things, in the outdoor locations that keep those gorgeous natural expressions on the face of a child. And, since the natural is what I love to capture, that works for me.

Once I had taken a few of the kids together, the kids separately, the family and the family with that beautiful grandmother, we were able to finish off the session with the cute brothers biting into a yummy spring cupcake I had brought along for each of them. I am only sharing one of those images. (I don’t want to be responsible for anyone craving cupcakes). 🙂

Now, here comes the good part–the images. Enjoy! And, thanks for stopping by.

Oh–did I tell you I have know this grandmama for a long time and she is the one who called me for this session. I am so glad she did! What gorgeous grandchildren she has!



0011 VW1_0186rm-3A 0012 VW1_0189rmA 0013 VW1_0192rmA 0016 VW1_0207rmA 0017 VW1_0210rm-2A 0020 SC3_0015rmA 0042 VW2_0122rm 0044 VW2_0127rm 0055 VW2_0159rmA 0056 SC3_0043rm-2A 0061 SC3_0046rm-2A 0065 VW2_0186rm 0071 VW2_0199rm-2 0085 VW2_0209-Editrm 0087 VW2_0214rm 0091 VW2_0223rmA 0098 VW2_0231rm-2 0101 VW1_0361rm-2 0104 VW2_0246rm-2 0106 VW2_0253rm 0107A VW2_0263rm 0108 VW2_0265rm 0111 VW2_0276rm 0119 VW2_0308rm-2 0132 VW1_0413rm




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