Glimpses From Past Sessions | Amelia Island Photographer

Hi All,

Yikes! I skipped a week. I thought, when I decided to post every two weeks, that would be a reachable goal. Surely I can do that, I thought to myself. I guess I was wrong. Well… that isn’t the first thing I have been wrong about, so there you go. But, I am so sorry. For those of you who actually read my little blog, I would like to say I will do better. I can only hope. I do have lots going on. I do have lots of sessions to share. So….I will start by sharing about the project I am working on.

I have been asked to furnish some photos to a website, so they can use them in one of their new templates. I am so excited! However, taking time to choose photos is quite a task for me and choosing correctly is an even bigger task. You see, my clients always receive too many photos to choose from and not too few. The reason for that is my inability to make a decision. It works for the client, but not so much for me. I always edit and present way more images than I need to. However, I have found very few, if any, of my clients complain about this dilemma, so for the time being, I will continue the same. However, one day, when I grow up, I am sure I will be able to make a decision. 🙂

Meanwhile, I am going to post a few of my recently found old images that will be considered for use on the template website. Enjoy these–some from the not too distant past and some from even a few recent shoots. There is a hodgepodge here, because I guess I am a hodgepodge photographer. I like photographing all sorts of people/portrait photography. I just can’t help it. I have been told it is a good thing to concentrate in a specific genre, or age group, or style; however, if I did that, which would I leave out? Again, can’t make that decision, so for the time being I am still a photographer of babies, children, pre-teens, teens, high school seniors, couples, engagements, weddings, families, and even senior adults. The list just goes on. I love what I do. I hope you can tell!

To God be the glory for anything good you see in my or by me. I have lived long enough to know my strength and talent comes from Him and Him alone.

Oh…and the last image you will see. He doesn’t pay much, but his friendship is worth more than money can buy. 🙂



0014 FNT_0044rm 0021 BEN_0183rm-3 0023 MAR_0041rm 0029 DL1_0162rm 0043 AND_0061rm 0044 BEN_0244rm 0044 MAV_0187rm-3 0050 DA2_0006rm 0055 BRE_0150rm 0075 NS1_0350rm-3 0076 LAU_0189rmA 0085 JOY_0082rm 0086 DA3_0050rm 0100 JOH_0286rm 0178 DA1_0342rm-3 0194 DL1_0451rm 0200 JAS_0186rm BN1_0448rm BN1_0653rm CC2_0071rm CC2_0084rm CC2_0187rm CRL_0718-Edit-Editrm DA1_0059rm DA2_0017rm DA2_0035rm-2 DL1_0225rm DL1_0238rm DL1_0364rm LM2_0049rm NS1_0276rm-4 PC1_0375rm



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