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Hi All,

It has been awhile. In fact, it has been one month and two days since I added to my blog. It is a good thing I don’t do this for my living. Nope, I do photography for that. And, that is EXACTLY what I am doing this time of year, which is why this blog is lagging. I have, thankfully, been very busy with my work, meeting new clients, seeing old ones and capturing memories for both.

Amelia Island is hopping with folks here on vacation. And, what a gorgeous spot for such! The island has two major resorts. The Ritz Carlton, and the Omni. Both are VERY family and kid friendly and both have the most gracious staff. In fact, both are able to work together and, just recently, hosted the Texas Roadhouse Grill Convention. It took both resorts to accommodate such a large group and I was amazed at how well they coordinated events and worked together for such a large gathering.

I am saying this as a very thankful person. Both these resorts, and the island, itself draws folks from all over. Thus, I get to meet the neatest folks from, literally, all over the world, at times, and that keeps me pretty busy, this time of year with photography. I have had my son, Jensen Bell Photography, join me. He does a super job and has been working with me for almost 2 years now. He is especially helpful with the larger family reunion type groups. It just takes two, sometimes, to get those little ones to look toward the camera. Now, I am not a ‘look toward the camera’ type photographer, all the time, but I know most folks want at least one of those during their session and I aim to oblige. Nope, my favorite shots are those with families and children interacting and just being themselves. And, I just LOVE to observe kids with my camera as they explore the seashore, shells, sea oats and all those things that make up Amelia Island and the seashore.

Another thing that keeps me pretty busy –is wedding season. It is June, you know, and a beautiful month for a wedding on Amelia. By the time the month ends, I will have photographed five weddings—three smaller elopement types and two larger weddings.

So, the images you are about to see are a mishmash of what is going on at Pam Bell Photography. Enjoy viewing a snippet of what I am privileged to do and enjoy some of my recent favorite images.

I’ll see you next time. Thanks, for dropping by. Please share my blog with those you thing would enjoy it. And, please give me a call if you are going to be on Amelia. I would love to capture some memories for you and yours. I travel, also, and, in fact, will be going to the Boulder, Colorado area in July. I will be taking my cameras, so give me a call and maybe we can meet up for some photos for your family!


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