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Hi All,

Welcome to my 2015 blogging. Yep, I know I started a tad late this year, but, hey, better-late-than-never, right? 

I do have good excuses, but have always heard folks don’t want to hear excuses, so I won’t bore you. Just know I have been very busy learning some new things to share with my clients during 2015 and on.  Since my last entry in this blog, I have attended a wedding workshop with the great Bob and Dawn Davis Designs (looking forward to sharing the images, here), and also attended PPA Imaging, a huge photography convention that was held in Nashville, TN. I have honed some new skills and brushed up some old ones, have my sights set on some change-ups in my business and have a new camera —Nikon’s top — and a new awesome lens for my clients’ images.  I am ready for 2015.

I have chosen to share a few of my most recent images and some were taken with the new lens. Some of the images I am sharing were taken with one of my all-time favorite lenses. I have had it in my lens arsenal for over 5 years. I am also sharing two videos from two of my recent sessions. Hope you enjoy viewing what I love doing. 

I am making this a short blog since tomorrow is a big day.  I am teaching a workshop and sharing with others the joy of portrait photography and how to capture the vision. Can’t wait!

Until next time,





0038 KW2_0113rm KW2_0009rm KW2_0171rm KW2_0174rm-2 KW2_0257rm KW2_0294rm KW2_0307rm-3MS2_0018-Editrm MS2_0075-Editrm-5 MS2_0100-Editrm MS2_0167-Editrm MS2_0181rm-2 MS2_0204-Editrm-4 MS2_0219rm-3 MS2_0246rm-4 MS2_0250-Edit-2rm-2

JJ2_0019rm-2 JJ2_0042rm JJ2_0076rm-2 JJ2_0105rm JJ2_0174rm JJ2_0278-Editrm

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