Wedding on Amelia Island | Destination Wedding Amelia

Hi All,

I am so excited to share this very recent wedding with you. This was an all destination wedding on our beautiful island, with a stunning bride and her handsome man. The venue was the Ocean Club of Amelia, right near Slider’s Restaurant, along the coastline. This jewel on the beach boasts perfect views and is a host to intimate weddings and receptions as well as other events year round. The decor has a very nautical feel, and the decorative shells were perfect for ring shots, as was the mirror and wall hanging with the natural hues. We love making use of whatever the venue has to offer and this venue definitely has some very special features.

Jensen and I had the best time capturing some images and memories for the newlyweds and their families and guests. They were blessed with a gorgeous winter afternoon/evening on our island, thus the gorgeous sky color present at sunset time. The golden hour lighting–just perfect! And, the silhouette opportunity presented itself, so, of course I had to snap a few, as did Jensen.

The paragliders just added that extra special touch and their timing was perfect! And, so many seagulls paid us a visit to see what was going on. Such a perfect beach wedding day!

The images you are seeing, here, show only a few moments of their day. So, enjoy just a taste of this celebratory event through these special moments captured… for a lifetime of memories.



0001  0003 CK1_0002rm 0002 CK1_0041rm 0003  0013 CK1_0022rm 0004  0019 CK1_0038rm 0005  0026 CK3_0026rm 0006  0030 CK1_0064rm 0007  0047 CK1_0103rm 0008 CK1_0164rm 0009 CK1_0168-Editrm 0010  0063 CK1_0134rm 0088 CK1_0169rm 0011  0105 CK2_0048rm 0012  0115 CK1_0175rm 0013  0138 CK1_0186rm 0014  0152 CK2_0088rm 0015 CK1_0282rm 0016  0172 CK1_0223rm 0017  0197 CK1_0258rm 0018  0234 CK1_0345rm 0019  0246 CK1_0370rm 0020  0251 CK1_0387rm 0021  0256 CK1_0407rm

0176 CK1_0234rm 0182 CK2_0123rm 0186 CK4_0134rm 0215 CK2_0167rm0022 CK2_0222-Editrm 0023 CK2_0252rm 0024  0420 CK1_0608rm 0025  0408 CK2_0325rm 0026 CK2_0341rm 0027  0427 CK1_0624rm 0028  0429 CK2_0349rm 0029  0437 CK2_0358rm 0030 CK2_0364rm 0031  0448 CK2_0372rm 0032 CK2_0387rm 0033  0483 CK2_0430rm 0034  0486 CK1_0636rm 0035  0467 CK3_0252rm 0036 CK2_0408rm 0037  0004 CK3_0010rm 0038  0025 CK3_0023rm 0039  0342 CK3_0162rm 0040  0346 CK1_0514rm 0041  0348 CK1_0518rm 0042  0356 CK1_0531rm 0043  0386 CK1_0580rm

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