Amelia Island Photographer in Nashville TN | Nashville Engagement Session

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This Amelia Island photographer travels and shoots outside the Amelia Island area periodically. This blog is about my recent trip to Nashville, TN. Actually, I was there for the annual PPA Imaging, which is a very large photography convention.  This year, over 10,000 photographers were in attendance. (That’s a lot of people, folks!) It is always a great learning and sharing time as well as a great time to catch up with friends from around the world who attend.

Since my couple, getting married in May, in Nashville, lives there, I thought this would be a great opportunity to document the two of them in their hometown. And, since this was my first visit to Nashville, I figured it would be a fun time. Locals always know the best photo ops, and this couple certainly did!

We, along with my 2nd shooter, Jensen Bell (Photography), and our assistant, Wade (in charge of holding light stand, reflector, bags and coats), met our couple in the parking lot near the stadium. We walked around for just a moment and found a perfect spot to shoot, since perfect spots are everywhere there!

DR2_0009rm-2 0001 DR2_0001rm

0008 DR2_0013rm


Then… to the walking bridge (not sure of the name, because there are bicyclists there, too) that overlooks the river and Nashville. However, since I am a little fanatical about silhouette shots, I had to capture a couple of those as we walked. I just couldn’t resist the use of this awesome ‘treescape.’




Then, we walked on, and captured more images for these two on the way to the top of the bridge. I took a little artist’s license with this first one. Yep, there were people, but I waited for them to pass for these images. I usually capture the ‘dip’ moment at the beach. Capturing it on the bridge in the COLD was quite unusual for me, but these two pulled it off with ease.

DR2_0081-Editrm0072 DR1_0128rm

Then, we reached the top of the bridge. What a cool spot! (And, did I mention COLD spot?–this was January 31 and brrrr for this Deep South gal).0080 DR1_0144rm 0084 DR1_0157rm

We had such a great time on the bridge. Just look at Nashville. This was a WOW moment for me. And, this perfect pair was so natural with the camera and easy to capture. So, to add a little variety, I pulled out the scarves that were hiding in my bag. (Never a dull moment with scarves!)DR1_0197rm

0114 DR1_0233rm

As we continued down the bridge, we found some cool photo ops, buildings and, of course, the fountain.

0142 DR1_0326rm

We had a ‘pick up and twirl’ in the middle of the pedestrian walkway, on the main street while crossing the road; however, there was no slowing down or blocking of traffic and no danger. We did have to practice the first time and then shoot the 2nd time, since I was walking on the pedestrian walkway that was parallel to my couple. Shooting while walking is always a bit of fun!


Then, we had a few moments to hang around the Ryman auditorium area. So cool being in a place I have heard of most of my life. Oh, yeah, and I love to have a little fun with my couples. 🙂


DR2_0187rm DR2_0181rm-2

0170 DR1_0386rm

After that, we had a few moments to have lunch in a pretty special place called Merchants. It seems most people know of Merchants who are from that area. The food was delicious!


As I parted ways with my couple, I left with some great memories of downtown Nashville, a full belly, and some awesome captured moments for this cute pair. I have shared a few of those in this blog, as well as in the slide show posted in the link, below, if you’d like to see more.  Enjoy! And….now you know why Jensen and I can’t wait ’til May!…

Pam of


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