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Photography: Capturing life through my lens from my perspective while integrating my own life’s experiences. There. It took me a while to figure out why my photography can never look like anyone else’s and why I shoot the way I do. That is my photography lesson for this day. I continually strive to stay up on today’s photography and offerings, but I have no desire for my photography to look like anyone else’s. I love uniqueness and always have. Striving to capture a unique image for my clients tops the list of motives for what I do. ‘Capturing special moments for a lifetime of memories’ has been my motto since the inception of my business in 2000. I continue to remember these words every time I turn my camera on my subjects. Having said that, I continue.

I cannot believe it has been 3 months since my last post. Where has the time gone? I think I have the answer to that question.

This photographer as well as her associates have been busy, busy documenting weddings, families, high school seniors and children. It has been a quarter of a year of almost constant shooting and we are always honored to be called on by so many.

I have never been one of those photographers who could limit myself to a certain genre of photography. I have been told I should, but what would I leave out? In every instance, and in whatever/whoever I am shooting, I find myself in my ‘element’. I think to myself, ‘now this is what I want to do’. That is, until the next shoot of a totally different type. Then, again, I think to myself, ‘now this is what I want to do’, etc. I think you understand where I am going. So…I thought it best to just share some of the images I have captured over the last few months. I have many more to share and will do so when I get back to this blog.

I hope you enjoy this mix of images–and I’d be remiss not to include a couple of my Nashville, TN wedding images, so they are here, too.BH1_0935rm AR2_0268rm AR1_0106rm ust a few I grabbed in a hurry off my desktop.

HE2_0029rm RS1_0456rm RS1_0373rm DA2_0305rm DA1_1371 DA1_0603rm MJ1_1403-Edit-2rm MJ1_1069rm 0150 AP1_0363r AP1_0412rm-3 AP1_0227r EL2_0336rm EL2_0145rm EL1_0129rm EL1_0037rm CM2_0154rm CM2_0401-Editrm CM2_0322rm-2 CM2_0289 CM2_0038rm CM1_0390-Editrm-2 CM1_0275rm CM1_0212rm 0169 CM2_0232rm EJ2_0410rm-2 RJ1_0353rm RJ1_0137rm RJ1_0107rm 0036 CM2_0087rmrm 0019 CM2_0055rmrm AG1_0327rm KF2_0079rm KF2_0003rm-3 KF1_0215rm KF1_0138rm ME2_0147rm JD2_0292rm RC2_0018rm RC1_0034r-Editrm MM1_0303rm MM1_0234rm MM1_0207rm


JS1_0091-Editrm JS1_0152rm JS1_0322rm


And, if you follow us along on our facebook page, you will notice we also love shooting scenics around our gorgeous island and area. You can check out a few of those at:

Here’s one to enjoy.



Thanks for dropping by. Hope you will come back to visit.


Pam  -while there, please check out the ‘Moving Moments’ tab on my site.

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